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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday's Adventures

How cool, before we even arrived at any destination we saw this amazing falcon nest on a light post. I pulled over and took a bunch of pictures but only a few came out. (Reminder to self: get a better camera!)

First we went to Florence Marina State Park and had a wonderful time at their Interpretive Center. We ate our lunch in the shade of pine trees overlooking the marina and saw a Great White Heron and Great Blue Heron. Their walking trail is under construction so we went on to Providence Canyon State Park.

If you ever go to Providence Canyon and decide to walk the 3 mile trail, turn at the waterbeds because they will take you to the canyon floor. We didn't do that, because the Park Ranger on duty was overwhelmed with school children on their field trip and by the time they left- his directions to me were very rushed because he wanted to go to lunch. Today was more exercise than anything, we did 3 miles in a little over an hour with very steep inclines and declines. Danny was great, we do not have a tether. We're working together.

Then we went to Lumpkin, Georgia to see some of the historic sites there but they were closed. For what it's worth, their brochure said they would be open. We took a few pictures of the courthouse and Confederate Soldier Memorial, as well as an overview of the town.

Tomorrow we'll be at another agricultural museum with a lot more activities for the kids.
They better be open.



Dixie said...

I enjoyed your pictures. My sister just recently got engaged in Providence Canyon.


LisaWA said...

3 mile hike! Id be tuckered out! Beautiful pictures Jessica... I cant believe how grown up Camille is looking... they both look bigger...

The picture of them hugging is priceless... I love it.. one to pull out and show them when grating on each others nerves... if that happens at your house! *Ü* It does mine. *Ü*

Hope all is well at your casa... miss ya! Sorry Ive been a little MIA...


Jennifer said...

I enjoy your blog so much and gain so much from it... would you mind if I added it to my blog list (that I am about to create)?

Jennifer said...

Sometimes we should pretend we're moving so we do all the things we wanted to do before leaving a place!!

What beautiful pictures...the canyons look amazing. I'll add it to the list of places I'd love to visit and show my children.

Thanks always for sharing!!!!

Jennifer P.

cindy said...


I LOVE the picture of your kids hugging. That is one to frame. Camille is looking so grown up! It looks like you had a great time on your field trip!

School for Us said...

Looks like you all are having a wonderful week. And, from your schedule post, I'd love to set Fridays aside as field trip days. I'll have to think about that for next year.