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Friday, May 30, 2008

I must have been dreaming

To think that I could move and homeschool at the same time! I thought I could accomplish our lessons in a small amount of time and then focus on the house the rest of the day. Yeah right. By the time lessons are done, I'm done. I just want to relax and play with the kids, not navigate through our stuff to determine what to keep, toss or donate.

My brain is in overload. So, when Camille gets back from her trip to NYC- it's reading, math and Primary Language Lessons only. The goal is to finish Horizons Math 2, the other two are just so she doesn't lose what she's gained this year. Math will take 10 minutes of teaching time. I can do that. With read alouds from TOG as nightly reading, minus the projects and all the other fun stuff. Yep. Bye-bye idealistic fun projects- I have walls to wash. Lol.

I have to coordinate utilities for two houses with a mid-June start/end date, fun huh? Next week, painters will descend on our current home so I have today through maybe Monday to get things packed. Next week, dh will be leaving Monday-Wednesday on a business trip and then after that we'll be in our last week here. Snap, just like that.

There won't be any homeschooling posts from me probably until July. My brilliant, idealistic idea that we could accomplish a full day's worth of school during this time- was too idealistic. I'm swamped with moving but I have the added pressure that dh cannot help physically. He's swamped with trying to set things up for the new pastor here and preparing for the new church.

I just hope my head doesn't pop off with all the spinning it's been doing lately. There's just too many decisions to make!


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Michele said...

Good Luck, Jessica. I think you are doing an admirable job balancing everything! I'll miss you until you post again!