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Monday, May 12, 2008

And we're off!

I'm a little burned out in trying to pack, clean, teach and play with my children. A wonderful friend advised me to have fun with the kids and so we're outta here this week. We're doing all the semi-local field trips we haven't done. We're going to two agricultural centers, a science museum, an aquarium and a few state parks this week. We have a place to go each day and we'll be done on Saturday if we don't run out of steam. It's a little scary driving to places I've never been but you can't have an adventure if you never get out there.

I hope to post pictures each day but we'll see how that goes. I think we'll also pick up a tether for Danny. Another new thing happening around here is that I plan to make this week's dinners in the crock pot. We had Sloppy Joes tonight which were very tasty! I hope this will be a winner and actually be easier for me.



School for Us said...

I love the field trip idea! Maybe we'll do that for a whole week before the public school's get out for the summer.

And, I'd love it if you'd post any crock pot "winners" for your family. I'm trying to move more to the crockpot, so we'll have more home cooked food.

mom24 said...

Crock pot dinners are the best! So little prep! Have fun on your trips - they are the most fun part of 'school'!

Angela said...

Have fun- I love the fieldtrips- I always feel so refreshed after. I need to steal your crock pot idea, since I haven't cooked dinner this week- (My downfall)
Have fun and keep an eye on Danny! :)