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Monday, May 19, 2008

Our First Real Tea Party


Camille read Time to Rise by Robert Louis Stevenson, I read Please from The Children's Book of Virtues.
Yes I had to check them out from the library, ours are in boxes.
Even Dh joined us, I guess he couldn't resist the goodies.
We even had sugar cubes.
It was a hit!



Life With My 3 Boybarians said...


Tea parties make me want to borrow a friend's girls just for the excuse to have a tea party. :)

Elizabeth Potts Weinstein said...

I really like the idea of a tea party. Sometimes it's challenging to get my super-active 3 year old daughter to listen to readings ... but she would totally get into a tea party. Especially if we included dress up. Maybe some fancy old-fashioned hats & gloves?

~ Elizabeth

judahmo said...

What a lovely tea-set! It sounds like you had fun.

Leesa said...

My children love it when we have tea parties! Even my son.. mostly because my husband shows so much excitement as well.. Your children will remember this for their lifetimes, you are instilling tradition in their souls and adding tools for them to use as future parents. Very exciting..!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day you must have had! My girls love tea time! We do it at least once a week and on weekends with Dad! I will have to add in the poem and reading to ours-thanks for sharing

my5wolfcubs said...

That sounds so nice! I hope you make it an integral part of your week (once you move and settle in, of course!).