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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Just Moving Along, Singing my song...

Busy, busy, busy!

We are now into the month before moving and I am working on multiple things at once. I'm finalizing our invertebrates study for science which will occur June-August this year. Although I'm tickled to have a personalized science approach, it does make it more labor intensive for me. I think the fruits will be worth it though and we'll actually do the lessons because the approach is personalized. This month we're finishing up our study of birds which involves a lot of reading and nature study.

We are in the middle of watching Winged Migration and other online videos at United Streaming about birds, their habitats and behaviors. Friday, dh and I whisked the kids away from the house to go to an animal park where we observed flamingos, ostriches, and other birds with new eyes. Being able to SEE a turaco and actually observe how its front two toes can reverse themselves is completely different from just reading about it. I'll share photos in the next post.

History was sort of light this past week, I have pictures of a diorama we built.

I'm distracted. I'm overwhelmed but I'm just trucking along trying to get everything done. Laundry, organizing books to pack, etc. We have purged a lot of items from our house and there is still more to do. I become paralyzed as I think about sorting through the closets in our home, how I want items packed for easy unpacking or for storage if the case need be. I'm desperately trying to separate the books we'll need for our lessons immediately and I want to finish TOG Year 2, Unit 3 before we move so I can just have Unit 4 ready to go after our break.

Lots of organizing, thinking, and streamlining happening around here.


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G3 & Mom said...

I pray that you are taking care of "the mommy" too. Sleep adequately, eat logically and enjoy each and ever amazing second you get with these people God placed you among!