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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekly Report TOG2, Week 21

We read the Mayflower Compact this week from a reproduction (at

Starting at Plymouth, England


Landing at Cape Code, Massachusetts

What is written:
The Pilgrims grew herbs, cabbages, and onions in rows inside a fence to keep animals out.
The Wampanoag grew corn, beans, and pumpkins together, fertilized by fish.

Whew! This was a week of crafts! Although we had a lot of fun, this is isn't what we want to focus on so there will be one project a week, two if time permits. Now here's what I consider the true shining glory of our week, Camille's first written book report...

Just in case it's hard to read:

George's Marvelous Medicine

George has a Grandma that told him to stop growing. He asked Grandma how to stop growing and she said ate slugs and worms.

George made a medicine that will make her nicer.

Grandma drank the medicine and Grandma got taller and taller and she went through the roof and Grandma had to have a crane to get her out. She asked for a glass of tea, so George gave her the medicine which made her very small but nice.

It is her first independent composition, I see the errors but I'm so proud of her! I told her to write a book report on George's Marvelous Medicine that included one or two sentences about the beginning, middle and end. We discussed how every story has a problem that the author is trying to solve and how the characters change because a solution to the problem requires something to change. This was the perfect book to highlight this with. Camille chose to read this book all on her own a couple of weeks ago (? or was it one week?) and I've allowed her to chip away at it, reading 20 minutes a day.

We are working on a Bird Poster that will show all that we've learned, there should be pictures next week but they will be a "work in progress". Our bird study will be over at the end of May, I think next week we're going to be examine and identify the skeleton of a chicken to understand bird anatomy. Camille is very excited, and I'm excited because she is. I love how homeschooling allows me to be the "cool" mom in my kids' eyes.

I have not included pictures for all our other subjects this week, there is only so much time I can devote to processing pictures and very soon I won't be able to do much online b/c we'll be super busy with the move.

Oh, don't forget to scroll down to the next post, Weekly Report Preview to see the diorama of the Pilgrims and Wampanoag cooking differences.



Anonymous said...

WOW Camille, that is so COOL!! That is a GREAT project. I love it! Thanks for sharing it with us!


Rose said...

What a beautiful home school blog!!!!! God bless!

Brittney said...

Great job, Camille!!! That is an excellent composition!

Thanks for sharing this, Jessica! You have every reason to be proud!


my5wolfcubs said...

Beautiful coloring, great report, and I'm really looking forward to the bird poster! It is wonderful that you're enjoying homeschooling in the midst of the chaos! :)

Sheryl said...


Great job on your very first book report all by yourself! The projects look like fun and I can tell you put time and effort each one. My little girl(6)will be studying the Mayflower and other parts of American History next year. Thank you for sharing your ideas and projects. Keep up the good work!

Ms. Sheryl in GA

Mogster said...

Beautiful and inspiring project! You have such a gift, Jessica! Your children are very lucky to have you as a mother! Where did you get the prints for this project? Is this TOG? I love the 3D effect.

Trivium Academy said...

The projects are from The Mayflower, The Pilgrims and More by Donald Silver. They are not a part of the TOG program, which recommends other books for projects.

Paper crafts are just easier for me at this time with Camille and Danny. With Danny I can photocopy the same thing Camille and I are working on and he feels like he's a part of the project too.

Recently we've had to photocopy Camille's math papers for Danny to work on b/c he wants to do school too but only what big sister is doing.

TOG does recommend activity books in the year plans, I just choose to use these type of crafts instead.

:) Jessica

School for Us said...

I like the projects... AND the story! My dd is also 7 years old. I found your blog this morning doing a google for RS4K, I think. I'm enjoying reading about your school. I also really enjoyed the post about next year broken down week by week. I think I really need to add some structure and goals for next year.