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Thursday, April 17, 2008

An Exciting To Do List

Moving Checklist

8 Weeks Before • April 21-25
1. Start researching new community
2. Contact new Chamber of Commerce for new resident packet
3. Find contact information for Board of Education office for county
4. Budget for moving expenses and start collecting estimates

7 Weeks Before • April 28- May 2
1. Start pulling together medical and dental records, prescriptions and shot records.
2. Get copies of any legal and financial records you need
3. Arrange for veterinarian records to be transferred.

6 Weeks Before • May 5-9
1. Make a list of friends, relatives and businesses who need to be notified of your move. (Magazines, catalogs, etc. too)
2. Start working your way through each room taking inventory and deciding what to get rid of.
3. Start to use things that can't be moved, such as frozen foods, bleach and aerosol cleaners.
4. Make sure to have contact numbers for the people in charge of our move to the new location and find out all we can about our new home.

5 Weeks Before • May 12-16
1. Start collecting boxes and packing supplies
2. Start packing items you don't use often.
3. Plan for any long or short term storage at new location if needed.

4 Weeks Before • May 19-23
1. File a change of Address
2. Schedule disconnection of all utility services and connection of new ones. Disconnect the day after you leave and connect the day before you arrive. Check on deposit refunds.
3. Change any subscriptions, catalogs, etc.

3 Weeks Before • May 26-30
1. Make sure all library books have been returned and all dry cleaning or items for repair have been picked up. Also retrieve items out on loan.
2. Decided to keep your plants or give them away.
3. Dispose of flammables, corrosives and poisons.
4. Have automobiles serviced
5. Prepare auto registration to be transferred
6. Make an inventory of parsonage furniture, decor and items by room.
7. Check the furniture status of our new place, decide what to keep and what to get rid of. (Couches?)
8. Rearrange parsonage furniture as it was when we moved in.

2 Weeks Before • June 2-6
1. Notify creditors of your move.
2. Plan meals for the last week of move.
3. Finalize "house folder" which contains information about the house for the new resident
4. Make sure parsonage checklist has been accomplished, if not get working on it

1 Week Before • June 9-13
1. Finish packings and prepare "essentials" box. Designate several boxes and items as "last load" items. Pack suitcases separately.
2. Drain all gas and oil from mower and other motors.
3. Empty, defrost and clean refridgerator at least 24 hours before moving day. Freezer too.
4. Fill any prescriptions or medications.
5. Notify friends and family of new address and phone number.

Day Before Moving Day
1. Dog bath
2. Kids baths

Moving Day, June 18th (my specific instructions for myself)

For LOADING the Moving Truck
1. Load books boxes first, make sure what we need immediately (for 4 weeks) is clearly labeled and put aside.
2. Load the entertainment armoire covered with packing materials to protect the wood
3. Load bookcases empty, then couches and the rest of the items.
4. Keep kitchen, bathroom, toolboxes and (kids & dog) toys, and 1 immediate need clothes boxes at the end of the truck for first removal. Pack dog bowls and food at the end as well. Keep a pack of name tags!!!
5. Keep cleaning products out in separate box, vacuum and mop before closing the truck.

For Leaving the Old House
1. Clean any surfaces that were dirtied by the physical move.
2. Check everywhere for leftovers.
3. Put House Folder on kitchen counter
4. Sweep/Vacuum and then one final mop from furthest point to the door.
5. Sweep out garage and laundry room
6. Hand over the keys

For Entering the New House
1. Walk-thru before unloading to list any repairs that need to be made, designate rooms
2. Figure out dinner for the night
3. Unload moving truck, use name tags for new people helping you.
4. Check list of utilities that should be on and make necessary phone calls if they aren't.
5. Unpack kitchen and at least one bathroom first.
6. Collapse in blissful exhaustion

We moving back to the Savannah, GA area! Woo-hoo!



Anonymous said...

So you're moving? I must have missed that, but when you posted that you thought you all were NOT moving, I was a little sad, because we hope to move this summer (when our house is finished) and I knew you'd help me be oranized. Now I get my wish!

Thank you so much. What a blessing you are, even if I am not quite as organized as you are. :)

I love your blog! (And I don't usually read blogs!)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your move, your last blog on the subject said you weren't. Isn't Paula Dean in Savannah? Well, if so, I am loving it from afar. God messed up and I ended up in the desert somehow - lol. It has its beauty, just in a different sort-of way, I suppose. Plus, my hair looks better here in the dry climate!

I much appreciated your detailed moving checklist since I, too, am moving - but in two short weeks. We bought our first home and there were definitely some things I looked over.

Best wishes to you :)

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

Yippee, you get to move! :) I know you had wanted this. It'll be a busy few weeks, hopefully you'll have a minute or two to keep us updated on all that's happening around there.

Happy packing ;)

Kathy D.

Anonymous said...

If you make dinner the day of your move you are a much better woman than I!

We lived in Richmond Hill for 4 years, ages ago. I really enjoyed the area, aside from the sand gnats that is.

Jennifer said...

What a great list - so glad that you posted it. We will be moving a few weeks before you, and there were great reminders of the little details that can be forgotten (defrosting the fridge is a good one)... cheers to you as you plan, pack, move and settle in!

HEIDI said...

Just a quick comment from an Army wife who has moved many times with children-- let your kids color with markers all over the boxes that contain their own things. Then they can sit and watch for their boxes as the truck is unloaded! Those unloading the truck know where the boxes go, the kids are occupied with their drawings as you try to pack at the house you are leaving, and they are busy looking for their boxes in the mayhem of unloading. Grace and peace to you!