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Monday, April 7, 2008

It's a Zoo Here

One of the Green Anoles that inhabit our deck area, we watched this one for awhile- including watching it excrete. What a funny moment, the kids said "ewwww!"

Our new Zebra Finch, which needs a friend- do not trust pet store employees. Not only does "Birdy" need a friend, we need a longer cage. We're about to study birds.

A turtle we found in the middle of the road and brought home. We observed him and didn't contain him.

I tried to take pictures of the nests we've been watching but they will not turn out.



Arwen said...

Looks like fun!

my5wolfcubs said...

Hope to see lots more pictures of Birdy (and friend)! When I was a girl we had a blue parakeet, she would sit on finger or shoulder but never did talk (my mother tried!)...we all loved her!!
PS What does Jack think of this new resident??

mom24 said...

Oooo - I love finches! Their sounds are so nice and they are fun to watch flitting about. Wayyyy more interesting than the 2 hermit crabs we have - lol!
Looks like spring around there!