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Monday, April 7, 2008

More Pictures

Look Mom!

I allowed Danny to play with my food dehydrator, he's using plastic fruits and vegetables.

Jam time

The kids have been having a lot of fun in recent time, Danny has become more verbal and independent- he wants to wear what HE chooses, he wants to pour his own drinks, and do things his way. Our little boy is growing up. I'll have new pictures soon of our newly organized learning room, hopefully my new desk (a birthday present and not the one I previously pictured) and by the end of the week I'll be ready for the next quarter of studies. A picture of my new haircut has been requested by friends as well, we'll see about that one.

A side note about the desk: I went to Office Depot and the one I pictured before is on clearance, only available online. Which means someone would have to pay for it, assemble it and then figure out if it would work. I decided not to take the chance, so I picked a desk that was at the store and I ordered it online after seeing it. It's linked above but pretty plain. I will put our printer on the desktop, which will be pretty large and spacious at 60" in length and 24" in depth. I'm excited!



Lorna said...

I love your living science book choices. It is wonderful to learn this way.
Have fun with your new desk!

Angela said...

Everyone is really growing up! I love all of the shots- I hope you love your new desk! I get very excited about office supplies!

jana said...

Have you ever heard of

You can find fantastic deals on there for nice furniture. I was thinking about that when you were looking for a computer desk.

I have a large printer and actually bought just a little two shelf stand to put my printer on next to my desk. It works great. Just a thought.


Jana in AZ

my5wolfcubs said...

Love the kids having fun pictures! My little guy (turns 3 next month) is growing up too...he likes to play with my rice steamer!

I peaked at the desk -- looks like lots of space for storage!