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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nature Appreciation in Photos

Can you see two birds in this photo? Hint: the cardinal is looking at the blue jay.

I suspect this is the blue jay's nest, I can never see them IN it! This is a super zoom shot with my sad little EasyShare camera, only the 5th try.

I love this tree, this is where we have 3 nests right now, two cardinals and one blue jay. I will miss this tree when we move, I had removed a tree-deadly vine from it when we first moved in and every year I cut back a bush at the base of tree. I'm learning so much from this tree right now and enjoying the birds immensely.

This is what 3 acres looks like (lengthwise at least), the line in the distance is the run-off ditch which ends this yard. We live on a little hill. I think I will miss this the most, the yard and the privacy of having neighbors two lots away. We've been here 4 years. It's sad to leave but there are new adventures ahead. The dogwood trees have been especially beautiful this spring and now they are shedding their flowers like falling snow. The kids and I have witnessed the transformation with new eyes as we have seen how a dogwood tree flowers in each stage and comes to life in the spring. It's hard to believe they were bare just a month ago.



Jana Guild said...

totally green with envy of your beautiful surroudings! Enjoy it while you can!

judahmo said...

What a beautiful yard! I love the photos of the birds.

Jennifer said...

How beautiful!! I am waiting daily for our tree to turn green and the tulips to bloom. The pictures were such an encouragement to me after such a cold, snowy day.

I have truly enjoyed reading your blog. It has helped me along in my own homeschooling journey.