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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Cleaning?

I know I usually post quite regularly, we just have a lot of things going on. Some small, some larger- having a dh who is recuperating from surgery, trying to create a solid foundation of organization with a soon to be 4 year old boy and soon to be 8 year old girl, taking care of daily responsibilities, etc. takes a lot of energy. We are cruising along with our lessons, each day doing our best and I'm working in a couple of directions to help create the foundational structure I wish I would have established from the beginning.

Just a few of the many things happening at our house:
1. Accounting of all our books and what they are to be used for, keep track of what has been read by which child (spreadsheet). Purge books that are not useful or redundant.
2. Eliminate excess and outgrown items in the kids' rooms (and mine).
3. Start preliminary packing for moving- Clean Sweep style (keep, sell/donate, toss).

Life is busy and if I stop to talk about it all, I'll set myself up to be discouraged. Try listing all your responsibilities and not feel overwhelmed! Lol.

What is it about Spring that makes you want to turn your house upside down? New Year's should be in Spring.



Gillian said...

New Year's SHOULD be in spring. We've been going through clothes, books, toys and more around here... and gardening... Clean Sweep style cleaning has been a huge help to us.

mom24 said...

My spring cleaning will mostly be filled with organizing for next year's homeschooling and dealing with outgrown clothes (oy - I can hardly keep up with 4 sets of clothes...can you say millions of socks?lol!)
Say - how do you keep track of what each child has read? I tried to do so at the beginning of the year but fell woefully behind and now just save the weekly library receipts as record. Thanks!