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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday in April

I cannot believe it is April already! Wow. My birthday is later this month and time just keeps escaping me. I think once you hit 25, the years fly by.

We may not be moving. I'm very disappointed about this development but I'm sure God has a reason for it in some way. There are positives for not moving:

- Dh can focus on further development of the ministries in our current churches
- We can enjoy our large yard for nature studies a little longer, here we have 3 acres
- We can explore our farming community more with a renewed sense of nature study
- Next year dh would (hopefully) be more physically fit to help with the moving process
- Friendships that have developed have more time
- I have time to truly develop good habits in myself and my children whereas the busy-ness of moving would have prevented that
- Strengthening of character
Yep. If we're going to be here for another year I am going to consider a homeschool group in our surrounding areas, at least something to participate in once a month. In the fall Danny will be starting preschool, Camille will be in 3rd grade and I have an opportunity to marinate in how we may go about accomplishing everything so that by the time we do move, it won't be moving plus figuring out a new approach for learning. Hopefully we'll have a solid routine that we can cling to when we do move instead of where I'm at now. Right now I'm still reading Charlotte Mason's books and figuring out what I want to apply to our learning experience. It takes time to read, pray and discern what would be best for our kids and then figure out how to implement.

I'm still figuring out how to approach history, how much work is busywork and what is worthwhile. I have activity books for U.S. history which starts in just a few weeks so next week while we are off, I hope to put something cohesive together for Camille that we can just open and do. This will be time consuming but I think worthwhile in the end, I have a ton of ideas that are wonderful in their own right but bringing them to fruition is another thing. I don't want to waste time dreaming and scheming of grand ideas that won't get done in the end. Being realistic with idealistic view is very hard, lol.

I'm not concerned about curriculum anymore, I am good in that area- it's the implementation where I'm getting stuck because lately we have been very relaxed and my idealistic visions are more rigorous (on my part as well as the kids') than our current reality. I have a few things I need to learn and study and now instead of being busy with establishing a new residence and churches, I can take the time to dive in, such as Teaching The Classics, french and Tapestry of Grace.

In a way, I'm grateful we're not moving. I just need to keep reminding myself of that until I truly embrace it.



mom24 said...

Isn't it nice to know that even when we don't know how & when things will go, the Lord does? He knows just what your family needs in this next year and I'm sure you'll find the 'not moving yet' to be a blessing which allows you all to grow! Enjoy diving in!

my5wolfcubs said...

Wow! What a lot of great reasons NOT to move. :) You've made it into a "Heads I win, tails you lose" situation! Hope your dh can all see some good in the staying...


PS Being realistic with idealistic view is very hard -- well said!