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Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekly Report TOG2, Week 20

Just a picture Camille drew this week

What a week of ups and downs! In our life, we've been frantic, in our lessons we've been steady. That is such a blessing! We took last week off and it is always a fear that we won't get back into our lessons as we should after a break but taking only 1 week off is proving to be good for us. Of course come Wednesday of the week off, I wish I had another week for planning and organizing but I'm learning how to use my time wisely.

I had planned to do the following this week:
Week 1 (Apr. 14-18)

Bible: Lesson 22, Days 1-5
Math: Lessons 120-124
Poetry: Review all, Rain by Robert Louis Stevenson
French: Review Unit 1, start Unit 2
Science: Nature Study and Bird Unit Study
History: Year 2, Week 20
- Jamestown Map project
- Thirteen Colonies Map project
Prima Latina: Lesson 1
PLL: Lessons 37-40
- Past/Present, Picture Study, Composition Lesson, Composition-Description
Explode the Code 6: Lesson 5

We are behind in our math lessons, we finished lesson 120 this morning. Because we're on a timeline for our move, Camille will do lesson 121 this afternoon, lesson 122 & 123 tomorrow. Lesson 124 and 125 on Monday and we'll be caught up. We did lessons 116-121 this week, we've been consistent each day but I can't remember how we got behind in the first place. Doesn't matter now, the concepts are being learned and that is what is important.

Okay, we didn't do this either. Maybe I wasn't on the ball as much as I thought with all the chaos. We'll just pick up this week's lessons next week and I'll readjust the 3rd Quarter assignments. I have wiggle room.

Camille illustrated, copied and has been reciting "Rain" by Robert Louis Stevenson this week.

We've been reviewing Unit 1 this week without starting Unit 2, we're slowly moving along and that wouldn't bother me but since I'm reporting about it, it does.

We've started our Bird Study this week by watching a few United Streaming videos about birds, Junior Zoologist: Birds and Vertebrates: A First Look at Birds and using the blackline masters each videos has accompanying. We're going to spend some time reading, observing our birds (backyard & the finches) and notebooking.

This week was a lot of fun in history, we read about Jamestown and Pocahontas. This week's project was to build a map of Jamestown and even Danny got involved. If I can keep Jamestown looking nice through the move, we'll see if our new library will allow us to display all of our projects for this Unit near Thanksgiving.

Whew! This week has a lot of writing for Camille, a few compositions and I'm so proud of her for hard work. I was afraid she would think it was too much but she was very nonchalant about each assignment. "Okay, Mom." She did request that I help her with spelling words.

Camille completed Lesson 5 this week.

We have put Prima Latina on hold because our June move, I feel the move will be a major interruption in our focus and I feel it best to wait until after we move to start Prima Latina.



LisaWA said...

Hey lady! I love Camilles draft horse picture! Good week...

Im off.. have a great weekend!


Lorna said...

I love Robert Louis Stevenson and Camille has written The Rain so beautifully.
Have a wonderful weekend


Anonymous said...

Where did you get that awesome worksheet for Pocahontas? Is this part of the TOG program? Camille is a hard worker and an inspiration! We will be starting our bird watching this month. We have seen lots of ravens, a few cardinals, lots of blue jays, and several dove like birds which we don't have names for yet.


Dee in Sunny FL!

Trivium Academy said...

You made Camille blush! It was so cute. Yes, the Pocahontas worksheet is a part of TOG.

Camille said to tell you we have seen chickadees, robins, cardinals, bluejays, crows, vultures, house wrens, a woodpecker, and mourning doves in our backyard. We've seen hawks too while driving but haven't been able to identify them because "Mom doesn't drive slow enough." lol!

Paige said...

Thanks for sharing, looks like a great week!

Tina said...

Wow! You sure did a LOT this week. I love the drawings, coloring, notebook pages, etc.

You're a very inspiring gal. :o)

The Sparks Circus said...

Great week, hsing looks so much fun at your house. I don't think I was ever that fun when mine where youngers!

Anonymous said...

Aw! Well, she deserves the praise. I really admire her hard work and her horse drawing was so neat, too. We have heard a few woodpeckers, but haven't acutally seen them yet. You have inspired my whole family to enjoy science and stop doing science. Keep it coming Camille! And you mom, well, you know you are doing a great job! Keep it coming, and keep writing, you have a great talent for that, too! This is the one blog that I check daily. Many blogs inform, but this one inspires!

Blessings!!! Dee

ps Oh, I just found out my neighbor has ducks. I've been living here for two years and didn't know this until today, and my other neighbor has a goat named, Elvis. hehe! Doesn't count in the bird family, though. :)

Jennefer said...

What wonderful work! Tell Camille that her coloring and handwriting looks fantastic! :)

Thatcher is just finishing up memorizing "Rain" as well. How fun is that?

Hope next week goes just as well for you all in the midst of getting ready for the move!