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Friday, October 26, 2007

Weekly Non-Report

Healing from level II sprained ankle not mobile most of the week, dh had revival which I limped to the church dinners and then came back home with the kids.

We focused on character and behavior education this week, Danny has turned a corner in his temper tantrums which may start up again when we are doing school next week but I have learned quite a few things this week about my own parenting style.

Danny is no longer taking naps and is getting plenty of exercise during the day to wear...him...out by 8pm. We've played board games, figured out what we want for Christmas and played "let's avoid Mom's swollen 4x the size it should be ankle"

I have piles to sort and next week to organize and plan and I don't want to do any of IT! Lol. I had the thought today that I could just read one chapter of SOTW a night to Camille and then her and I go back and pick out what projects to do, what extra books to read and whatever else we want to do. Will I do this? Hmmm, probably not but it is tempting.

Maybe I need to think about it some more.

Oh I also gave my kitchen a facelift with decorative accessories that we really didn't need. I miss my dog and I really want a new one but I'm waiting. I mooched the book Dog Gone which is about grieving for your pet hopefully that will come soon.

I'm a little stir crazy right now...



Sheryl said...

Bocce...we love this as a family game..even ds at 2 could play..great idea! I also found a great shield and sword set in this catalog I get and they are hard foam which I love..they are @ 30 dollars and you get two shields and two swords..I'll do blue for my son3 and the red for my dd6. Name of catalog/online store is haven't used them but will try for these swords. They also have this magnetic mosaic kit I think dd6 would love..and I think its much better than a lite doesn't light up but you also don't have to keep buying replacements. Have a great time shopping..isn't it fun. Sheryl

Zelda said...

Here's to healing...the ankle and everything else.

Robin said...

Oh Jessica,

Praying you heal quickly, life gets back to "normal" as can be.

Remember your comment quote

"you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

I think I need to borrow that saying for a while.

Take care

Robin of mytwoblessings