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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My date is sleeping over

and staying!!!!

Here's Jack, who's only 8 weeks old and is already almost 30 lbs. His daddy is 105 lbs.
More detail and cute, cute, cute pictures to come...we drove 8 hours today and we're all tired but happy.



LisaWA said...

OH! How cute! Can’t wait to see more pictures! He looks so cuddly!

Will he be indoor or outdoor only pup? How fun…. Hoping for the best!


Sylvia said...

Do send your photos to The Daily Puppy!

my5wolfcubs said...

He looks so soft and cuddle-able! He and Danny can potty-train together!

Crunchy said...

I am so pleased for you, he is a real cutie xx

Angela said...

A very wise friend of mine said the following:
"Word to the wise - if you do not want a Golden Retriever, never, never, never go to "just look" at puppies. They are too irresistible! How beautiful is that puppy?!!!"

She is so right. How beautiful is that puppy? He could even melt the heart of an old pet-Scrooge like me! :)