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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pre-buy Christmas Thoughts

I make the list, I double-check with my dh about it and then the grands find out what the kids want (which is usually the most expensive with the highest WOW! factor), then dh and I get the kids stocking stuffers, 3 gifts each and 1 gift each from Santa. Here's the list before double-checking with dh- Christmas for my kids is almost like Christmas for me.

For Both kids (Danny, 3 and Camille, 7)
Wedgits set & design cards
Seesaw (trying to figure out whether to build or buy)
Playmobil Castle (grands)
Croquet or bocce set (Mom's idea)
Badminton/Volleyball/Tetherball set from Hearthsong
Shield/Sword set (one for each child-they'll LOVE this)
Puzzle Roll-up (so Camille can do puzzles without Danny ruining them- Mom's idea)
Architecture blocks (Mom's idea)

For Danny, 3
skateboard (Daddy's idea, not Mom's)
punching bag (Back to Basics and has this, uncle will get)
CD player for his room (need, might buy beforehand)
Audiobooks I'll use online resources for this instead
Viewmaster slides (horses)
Three bear family set with pattern cards (Mom's idea)

For Camille, 7 (not the regular girly girl)
Klutz book of Knots
Moon in Room (she loves this)
Digital Camera (FisherPrice Kid Tough, dd's dad will get)
Origami book
Magnetic mosaic kit
Potholder kit
Sculpey Clay Just for Me kit
The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking (anthology book)
Namits game (for car travel)

Family stuff
Fitness DVDs: Leslie Samone's Kids Walk, Tae Bo Kicks, and YogaKids
Blockus game
Magnetic pattern blocks
Charlotte's Web
Night at the Museum
Ratatouille ?
Shiloh √
Christian kids' videos- StoryKeepers 12 DVD set ($24.99 at √

Okay now to narrow it down and distribute. The grands are getting the Playmobil Castle, an uncle might get the punching bag, but I've got to figure out what else to delegate. Lol. Camille needs a new bike but I don't want to do that for Christmas. We're also

Update on this post, my Christmas list. In previous years I have listed books on education and what not that I wanted, I still have a few that I want but I want to avoid the, "I don't know what Jessica wants so I'll get her pajamas, lotion or some other non-personal item." Here's my list

1. Replacement heads for my Sonicare Toothbrush
2. Roomba or some other contraption to make cleaning our floors more efficient.
3. Movies:

  • Anne of Green Gables box set (all 3 movies)
  • P&P with Colin Firth
  • The Rodgers & Hammerstein Collection [Remastered] (The Sound of Music / The King and I / Oklahoma! / South Pacific / State Fair / Carousel)
  • Emma with Kate Beckinsale
4. Music- Eric Clapton Unplugged CD to replace my worn out cassette tape
5. Golden Retriever books on training, care, etc.
6. DressBarn gift certificates
7. A golden retriever of my choosing (picky, picky, picky)
8. Money for next year's curriculum to be purchased by the end of January
9. Peace

Psst. Got dh what he wanted a TiVo but now I have to get the money out of the Christmas account which dh is overseeing w/o too many questions. Lol.



HopewellMomSchool said...

Christian videos--we love the "StoryKeepers" My kids are now 13 and 11 and still watch them! Like old friends I guess.

Carol said...

Nice to hear a cheery post. My middle son was excited to start a Christmas piano (keyboard) book today. The time will go quickly! Sounds like some fun gifts. :)

I want to extend my sympathies regarding the sad things that happened in your life recently. I am sorry. May the Lord continue to provide comfort.

Trivium Academy said...

Thank you SO MUCH Hopewell Mom! This will be great and I can AFFORD it! Thank you.

Many blessings

my5wolfcubs said...

Christmas! You're even organized for Christmas! :) Rainbow Resource has "scooter boards" with handles for $15, might be a safe alternative to a skateboard! Or a 3 wheeled scooter? My 5yo is still happily riding his from last year. Although I think you've talked about Danny being very coordinated.

We have Blokus -- as a game it hasn't been that popular, but the 5 & 2 yo both like to play with it by themselves.


PS We love Scupley here!!!!!

LisaWA said...

Yes! We love Blokus too! I bought back in March at a convention! Great thinking and strategy skills in that one!

We LOVE sculpy clay too! Great keepsakes for years down the road. Joann’s has cute molds to help create people or animals. We use the 40% off coupons and or teachers discounts if the are on sale.

Jessica... you never seem to stop amazing me! I barley thought through till next Wednesday! lol

Like the first poster said... good to see a cheery post! Praying for ya!


PS. Have a great weekend!

teacher of one said...

Just a thought...
If Camille is really responsible with the camera... you can get a Kodak for the same price that will grow with her. G LOVES to take pictures so we got him a Kodak. He is very careful to wear the wrist strap and when mine broke I could use it as well.


Anonymous said...

Now Jessica, you get that puppy right off your list right now, girl! Didn't your wtm friends set you straight about holiday puppies? LOLOL You crack me up!

Just a word about Oklahoma!--I watched it with Mary (7) and we are still humming and singing the songs! LOVE it. Hope you get it so your littles can enjoy it, too. There's only one inappropriate part, but it's easily glossed over.

You've inspired me to put movies on my list, too!

Glad things are easing up a little, and that your ankle is healing.

In Christ and so fondly,
Chris in VA

Anonymous said...

We love our moon in room. Target has them and they go on sale every once in a while, so you may be able to get it at a cheaper price.