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Monday, October 22, 2007

12 of 40 Weeks-Where we're at

I need to sit down with a calendar and get a good look at where we're at, the first step was modifying our year at a glance. I think I went about this wrong but I can't say my brain cells are working 100% correctly either. I want to finished in 40 weeks by June 2008. I'll update this post once I can focus on this more. The white areas are completed. I removed grammar from our year because I've integrated it into copywork.

Okay grabbed the calendar and I have a better idea. Right now:

Weeks - Dates

12 - Oct 22-26
13: Oct 29-Nov 2
14: Nov 5-9
15: Nov 12-16
Nov 19-23 OFF

16: Nov 26-30
17: Dec 3-7
18: Dec 10-14
19: Dec 17-21
December 24-January 4th OFF

20: Jan 7-11
21: Jan 14-18
22: Jan 21-25
23: Jan 28 - Feb 1
24: Feb 4-8
25: Feb 11-15
26: Feb 18-22
27: Feb 25-29

28: Mar 3-7
29: Mar 10-14
30: Mar 17-21
31: Mar 24- 28
32: Mar 31- April 4
33: Apr 7-11
April 14-18 OFF
34: Apr 21-25
35: Apr 28-May 2

36: May 5-9
37: May 12-16
38: May 19-23
39: May 26-30
40: June 2-6 *** We want to be done!
41: June 9-13
42: June 16-20
43: June 23-27

If we're not done by the end of June, I will seriously consider just dropping items. We want to use July/Aug as an introduction period to Tapestry of Grace Units 3 and 4 of Year 2 Redesigned and hopefully Unit 1 of Year 3 Redesigned. We have a 4 day week so we have plenty of time during the week without feeling overburdened. Can we do this? We'll find out.



LisaWA said...

I love how organized you are! Gives me something to strive for! We are behind in our actual schedule.... but decided this morning when I woke... I’m not behind.... just where we need to be right now.

Oregon was fun.... weather cramped my mood as far as hitting the beaches, but it was still a good trip. *Ü* can’t wait to share....

Missed ya! Lisa

my5wolfcubs said...

Well, I do like finishing books but also like that DONE feeling. :)
I've seen several year a glance charts this week -- must be assessment time!!!


PS I'm still using your blog as a way to check the Weekly Reporters...can you show me how to put the list in my blog? :)

christinemm said...

Hang in there. I think you have been tough on yourself while going through a ton of stuff.

I too am going through a lot and that meant my reading of blogs is down hence why I am reading your post tonight instead of in the past in a more timely manner.

I too have been writing emotional long posts but haven't published them.

Sorry to hear your ankle sprained in the midst of all of this to boot!

When we started hospice care with my FIL last week and when I went to sit vigil two days ago I was thinking of your family as you had blogged of going and sitting vigil too. I didn't know our vigil would be only a few hours, it was so quick.

I hope you have a great week.