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Monday, October 29, 2007

New week, new day

It's Monday. We're starting our formal lessons back today, I've finally reached a place where I can function even if limited. My sprain has a dull pain and swells when I walk but I can't stay off it and keep it elevated. I'm a little worried about it because it feels like I'll be like this forever at this point. I can't wear regular shoes and it's getting cooler here weather wise.

I've been doing some wierd things lately such as yesterday when I vacuumed our living room, I simplified what was on our walls- removing visual clutter. It was unnerving at first but a visual change is always lifting to me in some way- the room seemed empty for the first two hours, now it looks clean to me. I've cleaned out my closet, decluttering again. The kids' clothes have been purged of the what I could determine doesn't fit them anymore but with Danny it's hard. The 3T size clothes "should fit" but when we put some on I find that some pants are 3-4 inches too short. As we go through this weeks' clean laundry I should have finally reached the place of finalized purging. The bad part is that I need to buy more clothes for my two growing weeds.

I had shopped Lands End and Old Navy for Camille, wanting classic, basic styles but alas either the sleeves or pants were too long for her. That was frustrating. I measure her 5x according to the online size charts and thought I had her size nailed down. Luckily, I was able to return the item to the mall- you can return Lands End to Sears and we have an Old Navy store. None of the Old Navy pants fit her, she asked in the dressing room, "Mom, am I short?" We deal with pants being too long all the time. I told her no because there are some brands that are her age's size that aren't too long but that we have to find them.

In Sears they were having a 40% off sale and we were able to replace (with substitutes) what I had ordered from Lands End and Old Navy and actually got more clothes AND saved $40.00. I think she's done but we'll see as she wears the new clothes and the weather gets colder whether she'll need more. I still need tights and I want sweater vests for her but those I can pick up when I see them.

The walk through the mall was not pleasant with my ankle- stupid idea in fact but I was going stir crazy. It was good to get out and do something else but physically it was a bonehead move.

Magnum's memorial crystal that I purchased came in, I tried to take a picture of it but it was out of focus everything or I just don't know how to take a picture of something opaque. I'll try again this week. I'm glad I got it, it is beautiful although I've cried a couple times I've seen it lately.

Even with that, I'm ready for a new dog/puppy. I have this need to love something furry! I've contacted a few breeders about getting an English cream Golden Retriever pup. After much debate, we decided on a puppy because we have had temperament issues in the past when trying to find a second dog. We also want to be able to fall in love from the beginning with a new start. I'm reading up on training and puppy care, Magnum came housetrained and was 5 years old. Other than new toys and collar for a puppy we have everything already- a crate, food dishes and treats. We're looking at breeder that will have Christmas litters so we can bring our new family member home in February. I think that's perfect actually.

The kids will be a medieval princess and knight for Halloween- it's been hard keeping their costumes from them but they will have free reign of them after Halloween. Pictures will be posted, of course.

New day, new week-Happy Monday.



Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful for you (new pup!)
I posted some remarks about breeders at wtm, but you have everything covered. I misunderstood and thought you might be buying a pup at Xmas time--glad to hear it will come home in Feb.
Have a lovely week--hope the ankle is better soon!
Oh, and dd is a Land's End girl, too!
Chris in VA

Tina said...

My son and daughter were the same things! Head on over if you would like to see their costumes too. (Under title: Kids Costumes) I would love to see picture of you dc. :o) I saw your ds with all the pictures of Jack, but not your dd.

Glad you are doing better and we continue to pray for you and your family.

Your puppy is adorable too. I wish my dh was a dog person... :o(