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Monday, October 1, 2007

Week 9 Report

These are in order of our studies:

Bible- Jesus, My Shepherd Lesson 9
Scripture: Jesus said, "I am the light of the world." John 8:12

Music- Themes to Remember, Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

French- numbers 0-20, alphabet, games and basic conversations
How are you?
I am fine.
Hello, I am (name).

Grammar- We worked on proper nouns in our grammar workbook. I have discovered that FLL alone is not working like I thought it was. Camille needs more hands-on practice.

Spelling- Camille did the lesson last week so we've had no spelling this week.

Math- Horizons 2, things have been much better this week shifting to facts copywork instead of drill. I look forward to teaching math next week.

- We studied China this week in SOTW2's chapter 8. We've read library books and had fun.

Earth Science
- It has been a lot of fun studying rocks this week, it could have lasted all month but Camille is ready to move onto earthquakes and volcanoes. We have an ongoing crystal growing experiment though, no pictures yet.

Now for the pictures....

Daily Mental Math (above) Horizons 2 (below)

Lots of fun identifying rocks!



LisaWA said...

Jessica... Camille is darn CUTE! What a wonderful week..... also... Camille has great handwriting for a seconde grader! You must be pleased.....

Still praying for you and yours.... I have thought of you all often.... and thanks for thinking and praying for my family these last few days!


Anonymous said...

Great weekly report!

Will you add me to the list?


Crunchy said...

Could you tell me your impressions of Horizon Maths? My daughter is the same age as yours. Does it have hands on things to do? Does Camille like it? Thanks xxxx

Jennefer said...


Your week looks great...lots of fun activities. :) Camille's drawing of the Tang Emperor is wonderful!

I also love your new quote area under your blog header. I had to Google Xeriscape; I had never heard of that before!

Hope you guys are doing well. We are continuing to pray for all of you.


Firefly said...

Jessica, can I ask where you got the book report sheets and paper she did the Sui Dynasty report on from? I've been looking for something similar. Thanks! -Kelli

Trivium Academy said...

The paper the Sui Dynasty is on is from History Scribe, I used one of their blank pages since they didn't have one for the Sui/Tang Dynasty.

The book report form is How to Report on Books Grades 1-2 by Evan-Moor.

:) Jessica

Melora said...

Looks like a good week. Camille's drawing of the Tang emperor is marvelous!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you got your daily mental math sheet?

Trivium Academy said...

Daily Mental Math Grade 2, at

Firefly said...

Thanks, Jessica! And BTW, I enjoy your blog tremendously-- you are an inspiration! :-) -Kelli