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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Staying Occupied

MIL is not doing well, she has fluid on her lungs and the medicine the doctors were giving her to help with that is not working. Dh left yesterday (Monday) to be with her indefinitely. Thank you for any and all prayers, I know it was God's grace that allowed us to have a great weekend with Dh during this stressful time. We all needed it.

In lieu of what is going on, here's what the kids and I are doing this week. Of course, I really don't have much else to say.

1. We're tackling two chapters of SOTW2 in our studies, Chapter 9 East of China and Chapter 10 The Bottom of the World. Today we'll finish the coloring page, mapwork and our origami art project for Chapter 9 before reading Chapter 10 and painting our faces like Maori warriors.

2. Friday, we're going to the Georgia National Fair so this week is about making sure we get done what we need to in order to be gone all day Friday.

3. Purging the kids' drawers and taking everything to Goodwill. (Sounds like fun, eh?) Getting things ready for us to go be with Dh whenever we need to.

4. I'm ecstatic about figuring out our LA path, now it's just the matter of doing it. I had to break away from what the WTM subscribes, listen to other homeschoolers, pray and just deschool myself a little more. Grammar this year with FLL has left me wondering if it is truly necessary as a separate subject and the timeliness of grammar studies. In fact figuring out our LA has forced me to evaluate our goals even closer and determine what exactly is the end we're trying to reach. I'm feeling confident about it now and happy that we're not going to waste time spinning our wheels. Formal grammar will be in 4th grade with Junior Analytical Grammar, then in 6th or 7th using Analytical Grammar, in high school we'll use High School Reinforcement book from Analytical Grammar every two weeks. Ta da, grammar done.

When I think about how WTM laid out grammar studies, or about how others are using Rod & Staff every year, I know I don't want to do that but I want solid results from our studies. I just have this feeling of satisfaction of figuring out what I would be comfortable with that would still obtain our goals. And this is the perfect reason I have this blog. I can say this stuff without eye-rolling, sighs, etc. Who in the world wants to discuss grammar programs in real life? Lol.



Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

To answer your last question - me! I want to discuss grammar in person. Oh what I wouldn't do to have a like-minded momma 'round here to meet at a coffee house and talk about what most consider inane things like, diagramming sentences.

Your family has been in my thoughts, as you all cope with MIL. I'm so very sorry for the struggle and pain. Sorry especially for your husband... but sorry for everyone who hurts.

southerngirlmusings said...

I'll have a latte while we sit and discuss grammar or as I sit and listen to those that are ahead of me. We are still working through OPGTTR and I find myself setting it aside often in order to work on word families and to read actual books instead of many of the sentences. Anyhoo, no eye rolling and sighing here.

Your family continues to be in my prayers and thank you for the update on your MIL. I will continue to pray for all of you and for your family as you & hubby continue to walk the path that God has outlined for both of you. Blessings!

Michelle Waters said...

Jessica, prayers for your MIL. My FIL passed away (after a long battle with cancer) 4 years ago. My husband was gone off and on - flying to NY to be with him and staying through the end. I'll pray for you all during this very difficult time.

Thanks for responding to my spelling question on the WTM board. You've always got good advice!

LisaWA said...

Can I come sit and have coffee even if I dont want to talk grammar? *Ü* lol

I love JAG and AG! Ok.. maybe I could talk a little. *Ü*

I have thought of you often dear.... my heart and prayers are with and for you and your family.

(((Big hugs))) although I would love and rather give you real ones.

Peace my KS friend~

Margie said...

Hey, we will be at the Georgia fair Friday too. We will actually be there Thursday throught Sunday. We will be showing a lamb. Please stop by to say hello!

Dee ( said...

I'll be honored to pray for your mil, your husband, and your whole family. This must be a very difficult time. I will pray for peace and strong faith.

Jennefer said...


Anytime you want to sit and talk about grammar or any other school subject give me a call. :) We can pretend we're at a coffee shop and I can pick your wonderful brain. I am afraid I wouldn't have much to offer but oh how I'd love to learn.

I am praying for all of you through this time. Blessings to your family and comfort for this tough time.


Leslie said...

I appreciate your thoughts about formal grammar study. I strayed from WTM and went with Shurley Grammar. Every day I wonder why I'm doing it.