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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Week 1 - Good things.

This past week (our first week of 2nd grade) has it's challenges which I'll share more about later with photos of Camille's work. I want to share the "good" stuff.

Explorer's Bible Study Beginnings II: Jesus, My Shepherd
I actually wondered if this was too simple for 2nd grade but using it has been perfect for us. The lesson in itself is shrt and to the point and we're able to discuss how to apply the scripture to our lives and the meaning behind the lesson. I'm so grateful I didn't complicate things further with this. Camille is able to read the lesson and answer the questions on her own but it's just so much better to do it together.

Horizons Math and Daily Mental Math (Grade 2)
Purchasing the separate worksheets for Horizons and combining them with the workbook pages is working perfectly. We're doing Horizons Monday- Thursday and Daily Mental Math on Friday (one worksheet). Daily Mental Math is exactly what I wanted for different thinking skills and a review of more than just the concepts Horizons is covering. For example, one of the problems is to figure out how many thumbs will fit across the page, hands, and the funny part came when it asked- "How many times will your nose fit across the page?" These are thinking skills that Camille has been missing from Horizons. I think Horizons is a great program on its own but I'm glad I spent an extra $3.75 for Daily Mental Math.

Camille read five books this week, which I'll share more about later.

Nobility Record
We have a few hiccups with this, I've modified it twice so far but Camille earned 47 points this week. I might change the reward system a little because I'm finding that I may have put too much on her. I'm in prayer over this.

Monday I'll post pictures and explain more.
: ) Jessica



lindafay said...

Hi Jessica,
Just stopped by to say hello. It looks as if you are schooling year round?

Diane said...

See- I learned something new! I have never heard of Daily Mental math. I will be ordering this to go with our Horizons 2 as well. :)


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