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Monday, July 23, 2007

He Makes My Heart Sing

Our Danny rode his bike without help today! Camille has been giving him a little push while he's been learning to pedal and tonight he just took OFF! He was zooming around our deck, smiling proudly as he passed. He just makes my heart sing. He just turned 3 years old in May and he's riding a bike. Someone tell me whether this is normal or not, I've been struggling lately with others insecurities whether or not he's on track developmentally. I'd really like to hear that this above-average developmentally, that way I can stop absorbing others' fears about it.

He is such a fun, adventurous little boy. Sweet, sweet, sweet too. I'm so proud of him and so blessed to be able to care for him!



Amy said...

Congratulations! What a milestone! My oldest could ride a bike at 3 years old; the training wheels came off when he was 4 years old and 2 months. My others were closer to four years old. It really depends on the child. They are so different and each is blessed with unique skills.


Amy (in NY)

Anonymous said...

My ds, who turned 3 in April, just took to riding his bike about a month ago. Before that he preferred his tricycle. My oldest son didn't start riding a bike until he was 4 1/2, he didn't even start pedaling his tricycle until he was 4, he always said he could go faster using his feet! How different they all are!! Danny seems to be right on track. Way to go Danny! :)

Anonymous said...

My ds is turning 4 next month and he just barely can ride with training wheels. Definitely no zooming around yet, just struggling up and down the sidewalk (it doesn't help that we have big cracks in our historic sidewalk). Then dd at almost 7 isn't much better. But they are very bright and verbal! Our little neighbors at about the same ages ride their 2-wheelers while their dad jogs, and ride scooters, and are generally amazing athletes. What a range of gifts we are all given... and they manifest at different rates.

I'm sure you've read Bringing Up Boys... just let them have more time if they need it.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Jessica! First let me say that your 1st day back at school sounds wonderful. : )

Now, about, Danny...get rid the insecurities! My hubby and I have 5 boys between us and Danny is very normal. :) Out of MY 3 boys, 2 of them developed much slower than I thought they should, neither talked until age 3 and couldn't really be understood well by others until 3.5. The bike thing sounds good. Many littles begin peddling between age 3 and 4 it seems. So if he is only 3 yrs and 2 months I think he is doing very well!

Once they get onto some milestone, be it walking, talking, peddling they just really pick it up and develop more in that skill by leaps and bounds! Just wait a few months, he'll be peddling that bike so fast that you won't be able to catch him. lol

You have a *very* normal little boy, don't let anyone place fears in your mind, God never intended that. :-/

Jennefer said...

Congratulations, Danny! What a special accomplishment. My oldest 2 boys both LOVE to ride their bikes.

My oldest son learned to ride with training wheels at 3 1/2 and without at 5 1/2. But he could say his alphabet, count to 20 and knew all his colors, shapes, letters an numbers at 2. He still can't catch a ball though! :)

My middle son is already riding with training wheels at 2 1/2 and can hit a baseball pitched to him amazing well (and do anything else that involves a ball for that matter)! Yet he isn't interested in academics in the least. Doesn't know shapes, colors, letters . . .

They are all so different and it is hard not to compare. Enjoy that handsome little man while you are able. I keep reminding myself that a day will come when they feel like they are too old to climb in my lap and snuggle! :)


LynnS said...

Your son is adorable and that picture of him smiling is worth a thousand words! He looks so proud.

I wouldn't worry about development, all kids are on their own schedules and eventually they all catch up to each other. Don't let the opinions of others get you down.

BTW, I love your blog. I homeschool, too, and although our school looks nothing like yours I get good ideas and inspiration from you. Thank you.


Lauren said...

This is quite ahead developmentally. We learned in nursing school that 3 years old is when a child rides a tricycle!! He is reaching the next milestone early!!!! Love his smile.