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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Preschool Thoughts

Danny just turned 3 in May and there's been some concern in our household whether he needs to start preschool. Personally, I feel one more year of freedom and being able to naturally develop would be the best thing for him and if he expresses interest in doing something, we'll do it.

We will be posting our Weekly Report based on what Camille is working on, this really encouraged her to do her best in her work so that we could take pictures of it. Danny will be included in this from now on, even it's a picture of a scribble drawing because he does a lot.

I do plan to start a structured type of preschool when he turns 4 and I will be spending this next year figuring out what to use. My ideas right now are to use picture books like Five in A Row and preschool workbooks that crowd my shelf while I am keeping them for him. Until then I see days filled with playdoh, paint, singing songs, and play. I will write a post about all that is available for him next, I need time to take pictures and read a few preschool activity books I have. I will be more intentional with him this year but without pressure. If it's not fun for him, I prefer not to do anything until he's ready.

I can't wait until he tells me, "Mommy, I want to do sckool too".



Jennifer said...

You go, girl! :) Home with mom and big sis is the place for Danny to be. He WILL learn, but more importantly, he will be loved.

Owl of HootAndFlutter said...

I'd recommend Mideducation: Preschoolers at Risk by David Elkind for an engaging synopsis and compilation of the research on what makes for an excellent preschool experience.