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Monday, July 23, 2007

First Day of 2nd Grade

July 23, 2007

It has been a good day with Camille today. We discussed our house rules again and the scriptures they are based on. We read True Nobility by Edgar Guest (poem) and spent time discussing what the poem means, including looking up the words noble, nobility, task, toil and debt. This took some time, around 30 minutes but that's okay we weren't concerned with a schedule today.

We discussed in-depth her Nobility Record, her responsibilities and rewards for a job well done. We then talked about her Daily Folder and how that works. She loves it! I spent time showing her how it works and answering her questions. Danny on the other hand was very temperamental this morning, he didn't like that Mama and sissy were sitting together talking, he wanted me to go somewhere with him or he wanted something every 2 minutes. We have some new behavior issues with Danny that are being worked on, getting into our new routine will help.

Bible: We reviewed the scriptures we memorized in first grade and did our first lesson of Beginnings II: Jesus, My Shepherd. This was so easy!

Math: Camille recited her addition math facts without a problem and go to work on her worksheets. The work is review so this was completed quickly and painlessly.

Independent Reading: We discussed what constitutes as an easy book, our goals for moving towards reading longer chapter books and how we're going to accomplish that. We also talked about her Reading Log and how she's to move it in her Daily Folder each day after she reads 1-2 books.

First Language Lessons: I decided to start back at Lesson 80 and review up to Lesson 100 before moving on to Level 2, Mr. Nobody was our longest poem to memorize last year and the last two stanzas need work.

Read-Aloud: This week I'm re-reading SOTW 1 from Jesus' birth as a recap, I feel this will help us when we start our history lessons and church history. We are still reading Burgess' Bird Book for Children at night, we haven't been consistent with reading every night which is why we're not done with it yet.

Piano: Practice for 15 minutes, check over the book work from the week. Lesson at 3:30 pm.

I've requested Before Five In A Row from the library, so I will be looking to see if it will be a good fit for us for Danny. I'm working on mini-activities for Danny to keep him busy while Camille does her work. The most stressful time is when I need to read to Camille or teach from the dry erase board. Figuring out how to balance Danny is going to be a task this year, I'll be grateful when he's ready to start his own work instead of creating more work for me in the house, lol.

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Lisawa said...

I love the shirt! What a wonderful first day you had! What was Camilles reaction to the shirt?

Have a great week!


Trivium Academy said...

She loves it, she said she wants to wear one everyday! Of course this is exaggerated 7yo talk but I did consider it for a second! She said it is soft and comfortable.

: ) Jessica

Anonymous said...

You might try sorting bears, special coloring time or some other activity he can only do when you need instructional time. My toddler loves to do his "school" while I am working with my older son. Good Luck! Billie Jean

Anonymous said...

Camille looks so pleased with the shirt! How wonderful!