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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Handwriting & Copywork

The subject of handwriting is a little tricky for us, because we are studying french. We have been using Classically Cursive from Veritas Press but french script is found in french children's books frequently. In fact we have a few books that are like this. French script has a little more curve than D'Nealian Script (aka Modern Cursive). Camille has been doing well with Classically Cursive and just needs more practice to move away from using a cursive practice book and just writing cursive within her copywork (which First Language Lessons contains), which is the goal for her cursive handwriting.

Spelling Workout C has cursive and print until lesson 19 where it becomes completely cursive. My goal is to help her become cursively fluent by lesson 19. Three goals for handwriting: be able to read french script, become cursively fluent, and move cursive writing into our copywork without the need of a separate handwriting book. (whew!)

I just cannot decide if we should wait on the french script until she does well with the D'Nealian script or do them simultaneously. I guess we'll try it together at first and separate them if there is a problem. I like the french instruction books better anyways! I think the grid (in the other book, inside pages not pictured) and the step by step instruction will definitely help! UPDATE: I'm saving the French script books for when she wants to experiment later on her own with her handwriting.

We will have copywork 3x a week: in grammar with First Language Lessons or from our independent reading, in our history studies and in our science studies. Handwriting and copywork will be done until cursive handwriting can be done in our copywork, and will serve as a motivation to do well in handwriting in order to lighten the load. UPDATE: In our 6th week of 2nd grade, Camille transitioned to doing cursive copywork which has eliminated the need for handwriting being separate. It is going well.

Yes, I am a mean mommy at times.


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