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Friday, July 20, 2007

Sharing Blessings & Making Lists

Life sure does get busy quickly! We start our lessons on Monday (7/23), I have a dentist appointment on (7/26) and a 3 hour Curriculum Fair/Share thing with a friend's homeschool group. I'm taking all of my stuff to show others, newbies and veterans. It's a little overwhelming all that I'm going to take but it'll give other homeschoolers a chance to see things that they have never seen before and may not have the opportunity to research things because they don't have internet.

Other than ALL of our 2nd grade curriculum and Tapestry of Grace Redesign Year 1 I'm taking:

  • 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum
  • Educating the WholeHearted Child
  • All Through the Ages
  • The Well-Trained Mind
  • Charlotte Mason Companion
  • Teaching the Trivium
  • The Book of Virtues
  • The Harp and Laurel Wreath
  • MrsCleanJeans' Housekeeping with Kids
  • Composition in the Classical Tradition
  • The History Lives Chronicles series (Peace and Peril, Monks and Mystics, etc.)
  • Trial and Triumph
  • Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student
All of our notebooks, our housecleaning schedule, our homeschool schedule, our house rules, etc. I didn't realize how complicated we are until I tried to gather up "Trivium Academy" to share. Here on the blog, it's developed incrementally so I don't notice how intricately complicated we are. My dh doesn't think we're complicated at all but he doesn't have to explain what classical education is and talk about what we do in the same night either. Lol! I just pray that it blesses others, someone sharing like what I'm about to do- it would have blessed me so much in the beginning! I take that back, I might not have been ready for it at that time and I did/still do have wonderful influences!

Oh, and I have to start a list of what to take for our Road Trip to Maine via Ohio. (Ahhh!) I think I'll get through next week first and then starting focusing on Maine.

Have a blessed day!


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Debbie said...

Hi Jessica,
Sounds like you guys are busy,busy & busy. I'm so glad to hear that you've gotten your school year in order. It's just so awesome the way your out their and helping others. Keep doing your wonderful praise's.
Sending you much prayer's and blessings your way,