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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Learning Goals for Mom

I mess myself up so much in this area! I want to learn everything and I pressure myself so much that I take the joy right out of it! This school year I'm dividing my goals between personal and teaching goals.

1. English grammar- become reacquainted with what I used to know
2. Keep a strong and steady course while learning French. Instead of having a particular goal, I just want the goal to be consistency in learning and practicing.
3. Read my Bible daily and keep a journal about my reading.

1. Read selections prior to sharing them with Camille, prepare myself for discussions.
2. Work the plan (household, menu, lesson plans, etc) that I have created but stay flexible, be consistent.
3. Allow Camille to be wrong, instead of correcting her all the time.
4. Guide and demonstrate how to come to conclusions, teach the "hows" as well as the "whys".

There are other things but these are what I want to remind myself of during the year. I want to study logic, religion, and a million other venues but I have to keep it small so that I stay on task and I don't become discouraged. A HUGE lesson I learned in the past year.

What are your goals for this coming school year?



Anonymous said...

I've said over and over that sometimes I think homeschooling is really about me ;) This is what God is using to train MY character :)

I LOVE learning. If I weren't at home with the kids, I'd be in school. I'd be one of those life-long students. I know I don't have to sell you on TOG, but mom-learning is one of the things I love about TOG.

My personal goals for this year are to stick to the plans I've made. And be consistent. After 7 years, you'd think I have a groove, but I don't ;(

Growing ever closer to the Lord is goal #1. Without Him, I can do NOTHING.

Anna said...

I can identify with:
"keep it small so that I stay on task and I don't become discouraged."

I'm finding it's better to do fewer things well and enjoy them than lots with only frazzled results!

Maureen said...

Hi Jessica,

Have you heard about the "Vision Project" yet? If you're thinking about goals, maybe you'd like to share your family's vision statement.

Erin said...

My kids are all young---the only two I'll be homeschooling are in K and 1st grade. My over-arching goal for both of them would be to instill a love of learning, and a passion for literature. Even if my paltry efforts to teach fall short, I hope that they will still find the joy in learning.
As for minor and more specific goals, they are basically to complete my curriculum in the alloted time and have a consistent schedule. I think more damage is done when homeschoolers think the summer "catching-up" when school lagged during the fall/spring/winter. I guess that is one thing I don't want to inspire--inconsistency.
Enjoy your blog and all of your ideas.

Anonymous said...

You know, your zeal for learning French has almost, (I did say almost?) motivated me to get serious about Spanish for me and the kiddos.
I'm halfway there- my parents spoke Spanish exclusively to each other, so I understand it well-just can't get it from my brain to my mouth!
When I hear you and Camille are chattin' it up in French I'll JUST DO IT!
Debbie C.

Anonymous said...

BTW, #3 on your teaching goals? This will do so much for your relationship.
I have 3 girls who have made it clear
that sometimes they just want me to be their pal; not mom, not teacher, just pal.

God bless,
Debbie C.

Yellow said...

I really appreciate your thoughts and adventures with homeschooling. I also homeschool my two children, so it's nice to read about what other's are doing.

If you're interested, I'm 'tagging' you with an assignment that I was tagged with. Would you list 5 things that you like about Jesus? It really caused me to stop and think about His character and all that He is.