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Friday, July 20, 2007

Helpful Q&A

Dear Jessica,

I was just looking over your blog this morning. I’m so glad you posted the t-shirt link for personalized t-shirts. And they are not much more than the regular homeschool t-shirts you buy.

I was wondering… post a 2nd grade nobility record……is 1st grade any different?

The Nobility Record is a new brain-child, this can be used for any grade though. Just put what skills/behaviors you want your child to work on. In fact, for use we could have used the same form with the exception of the music area.

Also, after their work is done each day do you file it or put it in a 3 ring binder?
Once a week I'll put the week's work in the daily folders and once a week I'll take them out and put them back in the 3-ring binders. This way I can see the whole week and address anything that needs my attention. I will be looking at the work daily too but I really want to identify any problems before they get away from me. I just want to be more aware this year.

Copywork……do you do it every day in both history and science? I’m the one with the little 1st grade guy.

We have copywork 3x times a week on different days, in first grade it was daily and I used it as handwriting practice but this year it will be more directed towards character, history and science. It really depends on your child's handwriting skills and needs.

Narration……..For 1st grade did you have him tell you and then draw a picture? How often did you do narration?

Narrations were a struggle for us until I realized dd was a visual learner. I read from SOTW while she colors a coloring page or a narration page from History Scribe. She retains the reading better this way. We did narrations every time we read in history but only SOTW, the supplement readings we just talked about it. At the beginning I just had her tell me about the picture she drew, and for a while I modeled a narration for her. It's still a struggle but it is working. I think part of the problem is that she didn't know how to think about what we were reading, or how to form her thoughts into complete sentences. It improves with age.

I followed your suggestion on Leading Little Ones to God, Right Choices etc. and I love these books. Oh, also the Beginners 1 Explorers book. They are awesome.

Good Luck on the start of your new school year!


That's wonderful Amber, not about my suggestions but that you found something that works for your family. I think that is what matters most, what will work for you! : ) Have a fun, enriching year!


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