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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Why I Blog

I blog in order to talk about the things that would drive my dh crazy if he had to listen to me, I blog to work out the thoughts, ideas and otherwise craziness in my head. I blog to share our homeschooling journey, flaws and all. I like to share what I've found or what I've come up with in order to encourage others who may not feel like they are equipped to do the same or need a little help. It's more about sharing than it is about me, I'd be doing the planning and scheduling, researching resources even if I didn't share it.

I blog because it provides me a little accountability, if I put it out there what I'm doing then I feel more accountable to do what I say I'm doing. (Which is why I post pictures.) Blogging provides an outlet for the 30,000 words a day that women tend to speak. I blog because it provides an avenue to learn, through commenters or just re-reading my own posts. I blog because it is fun.

Why do you read my blog? De-lurk yourself and comment! Lol.



TonNet said...

I was laughing about those 30 and something words you mention. I am reading your blog because from my personal point of view you share experiences about homeschooling a very (no much to tell the truth) popular concept about instruction or education if you want to sound a little bit fancier. I am subscribed and check out your daily posts. Keep it up!

scarymelon said...

I like to read your blog during breakfast while the kids are eating - I don't like to talk first thing in the morning. I like your blog because you are a co-book lover/WTMer and you are honest about your struggles. Thanks for not pretending that everything runs smoothly when you homeschool your kids!

Barb said...

I blog because I need to keep motivated in my homeschooling. I also very selfishly blog because I tend to feel isolated in my area with no on that homeschools either using the classical or Charlotte Mason methods. Writing my blog and reading other's blogs fills that need.

I also hope to share ideas with others that might need a little encouragement.

Thanks Jessica,

TheTutor said...

I read your blog because I like you :) and to gain wisdom from others going down the same path because sometimes I am struggling so hard my glasses get fogged up and I forget where I am going and I need to be reminded.
I blog to vent, have a creative outlet, to keep track of resources I like (and share them), and to keep family and friends (real and virtual) updated on our goings on.


Anonymous said...

I read your blog because I would like to homeschool our children (Lord willing) someday and want to learn more about classical education in a homeschool setting. I enjoy your blog because of all the resources you have linked and your regular, informative posts. Please keep blogging! Annie

Isaiah5513 said...

I blog for a lot of the same reasons you do. If I told dh everything that was in my head about homeschooling, I'd drive him crazy. Sometimes I come across things that are worth sharing. I got online the same year I started homeschooling, so the online hs community has helped shape our homeschool.
I like your blog because you have so many resources, including BookMooch, which has been SOO much fun! I have you on my feed burner, so I see when you post something new.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog because it's fun to see what other peoples actual day is like in this homeschool journey. I read your blog because you have really, really great ideas that I can put to use in our homeschool. I read your blog because of all the great resources you have listed all in one place. I read your blog because we are doing 1st grade classical studies too, we use many of the same materials . . . and I have a crazed 2 year old boy too, along with a crazed 4 year old boy. I read your blog because you remind me of me :) LOVE you blog. Keep up the great work!


Kristiana said...

I love your blog! I read it because you try to follow WTM and that's my goal also. My oldest will be a year behind yours and it's nice to read what you're doing now and go through all your resources for what we're going to do next year. Plus it's nice to read other's homeschool days and know I'm not alone. I also love the pictures and you're interesting. I'd like to get to know you IRL. I've also been inspired to start my own blog that will hopefully help and inspire someone else out there.

Dawn said...

I read your blog because I have 2 1st grade girls (and a 4yo and 2yo boy). I feel your pain in many areas. We are using a lot of the same stuff and I am using your 1st grade science lessons - we are having so much fun! Thanks for linking all the resources and research you have done.

I just started my own blog mostly to keep up with the ideas I have and want to implement and to be able to find it all in one spot. I am tired of everything being written down on a piece of paper somewhere!

Thanks for the inspiration and hang in there!


Sandie said...

I read your blog, because I get to relive those wonderful first years of homeschooling though you! I enjoy the way you are learning and growing.

Dawne said...

Jessica, I am here! I do read your blog, but I use Google Reader, it saves much time actually traveling around to various places. : )

Anyway, thank you for stopping by and leaving a very encouraging comment. It seems that the word 'accelerated' can be a Taboo word to 'some' moms and they get quite comtemptuous. sigh I do not think my child is 'gifted' anymore than anyone else's precious one, but I refuse to just ignore the fact that accelerated he is. : ) So I just want to say I appreciate your kindness!

I have the Abeka math 1 here, and just ordered the Abeka math 2 so that will arrive next week, then I can better place him. It seems to me that Abeka introduces things about 2 years before the public school books and about 1 year before many other Christian textbooks, for example in Bob Jones he placed in 2nd grade, where as I really think that in Abeka 1st would be better.

Anyway, still deciding...Oh and just wanted to say that I hear you and agree about comparison, that was not my intention. But unless we look at others, how do we 'know' that was all. : )

Anonymous said...

I read your blog, because it seams that we have hit "newbie" milestones at the same time. I spent months and months researching. Planning to the extreme. Love/hate with the computer, finding a balance and a place for everything. Your post "Okay, now what do I do?", describes exactly how I am feeling TODAY! Down to your Camille's perfection with narrations is how my Raquel is with narrations. Thank you Jessica for being so honest with your struggles, because of you I no longer feel like the only person dealing with it all.


Jules said...

I read your blog every day. I don't home school, but I find a wealth of information that I can use with my kids. I do not believe that learning starts and ends at the doors to a school. I know that I am the primary source of their education. I do a lot of the things you are doing with Camille with my kindergarten child after school. For example, I LOVE your 10 books a week idea. Instead of wrapping them up with a ribbon, I hid a baseball card in each of the books. After next week, I am going to drop the number of books to 5 but add 1 chapter book. He can read a chapter a day along with another book.

I also love to read about your journey as a Christian. I think people who come to Christianity later in life (say, after elementary school) can teach those of us who are "cradle Christians" a lot. Your enthusiasm is a blessing to me. Your struggles help me strengthen my faith.

Through your blog I found the WTM boards. I have learned so much about a plethora of subjects from college admissions to fun reading. Thank you for that resource.

Well, this is very long, and probably more than you wanted to know. But I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your blog.

Chris said...


What a great entry. I'm on the opposite side of the fence. I am the "DH" of the family; supporting my "DW" while she does all of the heavy lifting homeschooling our two girls (7 and 5) and soon to add our 3 year old son. I read your blog and others to gain insight into what she may be experiencing / going through and to learn more about how to be a supportive husband, father and co-teacher. I have had your blog bookmarked for some time now and it's always one of my regular sites to visit.

Blessings on you and your family, and keep up the great work you are doing. Camille and Danny will be be amazing assets to their world as they grow.

BTW, my hope is that my humble (and fairly new) blog ( will someday be the inspiration for other homeschool dad's that yours has been for me.


Barbara said...

(I saved this comment in a text file for two days while Blogger wasn't showing me a visual verification word, LOL!)

Jessica, in brief, I read your blog because I sense a kindred spirit! Though my kids are a bit older, and our lives a bit different, our approaches seem more similar than not underneath all that :)

I keep my personal blog as a way to "talk" about the things I'm thinking about, without bending the ears and trying the patience of my friends too often.

I keep my homeschooling blog to do the same about my homeschooling plans, thoughts, and thoughts-in-process, in as much detail as I want, again without boring my In Real Life friends.