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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Goals for the week

Goals for next week:

  1. Determine educational, spiritual and personal goals as a benchmark of our success as a family and homeschoolers.
  2. Finish two product reviews.
  3. Choose one book to read and read it! (Trying to decide between Margin by Richard A. Swenson or Cicero by Anthony Everitt) Reading Margin first then Cicero...
  4. Continue dog training, walk Chase nightly after supper.
  5. Finish SOTW & History Lives Chronicles schedule. DONE!
  6. Collect books from our bookshelves that are on level for Camille, type up a list and have her read 2 per day- one aloud and one silently with narration afterwards, 10 books a week. Not chapter books, the shorter picture books to build up her confidence and promote personal reading. DONE!
  7. One night with dh, no tv, no computer- just us.
  8. Listen to James MacDonald daily Monday-Friday with cup of coffee (clean bedroom/fold laundry or something else productive while doing this) instead of computer time. Read the scripture he highlights in his sermon and jot down a thought or two in journal. Pray for others. Monday, DONE! Tuesday, DONE!, Wednesday..., Thursday..., Friday....

Things to think about:
- Switching to 4 day schedule
- Make to-do list for upcoming camping trip


1 comment:

ThoughtfulMom said...

Margin is a quick read - lots to consider, but reads fast, if I remember correctly. If you read it first, you'll probably get into Cicero, too.

Thanks for your podcast suggestions the other day. I often miss the service at church because I'm working somewhere in the building - childcare or whatnot. I needed to be reminded that I can hear a sermon elsewhere!