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Friday, February 23, 2007

Classical Music Study Plan Updated!

The classical music study plan has been updated and revised. Check it out here,

It utilizes Themes to Remember, from as its spine and the six year schedule.
I hope sharing this will help others and it would be a blessing for others to decide to add music to their homeschools!



5atkins said...


I only skimmed your plan originally. I appreciated another look at it and I wanted to thank you for linking to those great music sites! I was trying to follow Ambleside Online's schedule but I think I Themes to Remember better being in two books and two CDs. Thank you! In Him, Eva

Homeschoolmomof4 said...

Thanks Jessica
I haven't swtiched, but when HSB acts up, I just come over here and blog.
I was wanting to know the science book that Camille is drawing and writing in.
How she drew a picture of the butterfly and it looks like she is answering questions about it...that's what I'd like to know. Are they notebook pages?
Becky :)