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Friday, February 23, 2007

Week in Review

HISTORY: Still reading about the Greeks, the Persian War, the Peloponnesian War
and next week will be Alexander the Great. We've been reading a lot of library books!

MATH: Breezing right along, Camille did 100% on her test today!
She's so proud of herself and I am too.

A nature journal entry, cardinals. Camille did this, isn't it great?

POETRY COPYWORK: Mr. Nobody by Anonymous, we learned about stanzas this week.

CLASSICALLY CURSIVE: I think she's doing very well,
she's excited but gets frustrated because she wants it to be perfect.

GRAMMAR: Introducing Pronouns

ARTISTIC PURSUITS: 1st- Project from earlier in the year. 2nd-Minoan Fresco, project this week.

SCIENCE: We studied butterflies this week, when the weather is consistent we'll order caterpillars.
We received 5 tadpoles from Carolina Biological, here's the remaining one and it's tank mates- six snails.
Somehow when we read about snails, I didn't catch on that they can reproduce by themselves. : )

CHARLOTTE MASON AFTERNOONS: I wish this happened every day but weather has not be ideal this week.
Here's Chase and Camille and Danny in the background.



5atkins said...

I love seeing the weekly review! We love Classically Cursive! My 6 year old finds the pages intimidating because of all of the space on the lines for free drawing. I just told her to trace as carefully as possible on the letters already written. Then on the line below I told her she was only allowed to right 6 letters but to make them all look as much like the examples as possible. This helped free her from feeling like she had to fill the whole line with letters. She looks forward to handwriting now. Later when you get to book II they give about 8 words. I have the girls use two of the words in a sentence at the bottom of the page on the extra lines so this becomes grammar, spelling, and handwriting! :) They have not decided to write two sentences with two different list words, or a really long sentence with three or four. It has been fun. Oldest dd said it is her favorite!
Okay, I wrote a book! Sorry!
Praying you have more CM afternoons! In Him, Eva

ThoughtfulMom said...

It looks like you all have a wonderful week! With spring just around the corner, all of our kids ought to have more outdoor time. It was lovely out at our house today, too.

Homeschoolmomof4 said...

looks like another wonderful week. You get so much done!
The puppy is growing already!
Can you tell me what you are using in science in the butterfly picture? What is she writing in? It looks like something I'd like to use w/ my children. Thanks

playingschool said...

I just found your blog this morning and I'm really enjoying it. I had to comment on the tadpoles as we ordered some and received them about 2 months ago. We had 5 that hatched, though 1 only survived a few days. Today, we have 4 healthy frogs! They have been losing their tails this week and have started eating "adult" food. Hope you have a great journey! I've been posting photos, etc, on my blog.