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Friday, December 22, 2006

Today is our Christmas Eve

I know it's a few days early but we have to do it this way in order for our children to have a Christmas that isn't rushed. Tomorrow is Saturday and they'll have all day to play with their Christmas goodies and then we'll attend Christmas Eve services Saturday night. Yes, even the services are early this year. Sunday we'll have normal services and then we're hi-tailing it dh's parent's house.

So, yes today is our Christmas Eve and we're going to make sugar cookies for Santa, read Twas' the Night Before Christmas and read our Christmas devotion. I have half of the presents wrapped already, so tonight will not be the mad rush it has been in the past. Dh refuses to wrap presents, he says he "can't" - I'll admit it is a mess when he does it so it's left to me. Which is fine, I like to make the presents pretty. Lol.

I decided we'd take our Grammar, Reading and Math lessons with us to the grands' houses just in case we need a break from the grands. Shh. I didn't just say that. Of course, if you do the visiting thing you know what I'm talking about. Everyone needs a break from being told what to do, the suggestion drops, and the constant- "oh, look at what he did! Danny is so smart!" I'm also taking a few library books to read to the kids. I love our nightly reading time, it's as if the world stops for us just to sit and listen to stories.

Another reason to dislike Bratz dolls- sweatshop conditions in China, CNN just reported on it. I didn't need another reason to dislike Bratz but hey, it works for me. We're reading Milly-Molly-Mandy right now and although I get tongue-tied more times than not, it's a wonderful book. I recommend it for all little girls 8 and below.

I have a few thoughts just rolling around in my head so bare with me. What is up with the FREEBIE that's not FREE? If you're going to entice customers with the word FREEBIE, give it for FREE. Don't try to get a customer to buy something to get something free. Especially homeschoolers. If you're homeschooling, I'm sure your email box has been filled with deals from your favorite online stores, and I check out every single email that says "free" or "freebie"- I completely respect the companies that actually do give away an item once a month for FREE, no strings attached. Getting off the soapbox before I say something I shouldn't.

I'll post Christmas pictures tomorrow, it's one of the pleasures of doing Christmas a little early. I can't wait.



Debbie said...

Hey Jessica,
Your blog is looking good. Well, you guys have a Merry Christmas tonite.... Have fun doing the presents, I normally do too. However the hubby told me this year he is helping out. (wow)
It's amazing what older age is doing for him (hehe).
Take care and Merry Christmas.

LindaLeeper said...

Merry Christmas Jessica,
You always make me smile.
Your new home looks great.

Enjoy the time with the grands.
I'm praying for a safe journey and a fun time. Smart idea taking some schoolwork to break up the "visit". Enjoy some alone reading time yourself.

My blog is working again. Silly me, banned everyone's IP. Jodi got it going.

Again, Merry Christmas,
I am thankful for your friendship in 2006, looking forward to 2007,