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Friday, December 22, 2006

A Click is a Click.

Although it is really nice to find out that I was appreciated while my blog was at, I'm still a click away. At some point others had to click on a link that brought them to my blog at HSB, well now instead of staying in homeschoolblogger, that same click brings you to blogger. No difference.

If the difference is the links back to homeschoolblogger, not a problem! I was going to work on links to my friends anyways. I have numerous blogs that I want to link to so that I may visit and wreak havoc at my lesiure. LOL. I'm in a very good mood. We're about to make sugar cookies for Santa and the kids are cleaning up their rooms. Camille has it in her head that if she doesn't put away every single toy, Santa won't leave her anything. I told her that wasn't so but that we clean up because we like our things and want to take care of them. That was a wasted teachable lesson because the next thing out her mouth was, "Danny, Santa's not going to leave any new toys for you if you don't go pick up your room!" Geesh. No wonder he cried when he sat on Santa's lap at the mall.

Personally, I'm about tired of Santa. We'll see after tomorrow. Dh is making dinner tonight-a church member sent us a Omaha Steak package so we'll be eating good tonight. I'm finishing up laundry and wrestling the kids so I'll end here. I had to take a little break from cleaning, I know you know what I'm talking about.


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