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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Create Categories in Beta Blogger

This is SUPER easy. I thought I was going to have to follow the instructions on other websites (called hacks) where they want you to create a blog for each category or use delicious to tag your posts.

I don't know how code translates here so I'm going to replace the
"<" with [ and the ">" with ].

Those labels that you can add to your post in the editor? Use them! Figure out what you want to label your posts. You see my categories on the right-hand side and you can see the labels I assigned this post. These labels will show any posts that you label a certain name. So what I did was take the LINK CODE to the labels and created categories!


What I put in my template:

[a href="
label/Trivium%20Academy"]Trivium Academy[/a][br]
[a href="
label/About%20Homeschooling"]About Homeschooling[/a][br]
[a href="
Homeschool%20Products"]Homeschool Products[/a][br]
Now you can put as many as you'd like but you have to remember to use them when you post or they won't be categorized. What's great about the labels input box is that it is set-up for auto-fill. You type 2-3 letters and choose the label that you've used before. Super simple.

If this information was already out there, I didn't find it. All I found was more complicated ways of doing the same thing.
Hope this helps someone!



MyChildrenAndMe said...

Just wanted to stop by and say Hi on your new blog. Glad to see your still up to par with writing. I really enjoy reading your blog. Such wonderful input and knowledge on your subjects. I still have problems with logging into the homeschool blogger for some reason. So I've kinda started off in the same direction that you have with the Blogger too. You can reach me at either or on the site's.

Enjoy your Advent Calander too.

Melkhi said...

Thanks for posting this. I will have to come back and refer to it when I get that far.