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Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday in December

I cannot believe we're a week from Christmas! Thankfully, we have all our shopping done and completed. The wrapping is a whole other ballgame. See, I can hide unwrapped presents but once they are wrapped, I have to worry about tearing the paper, smooshing the bow or the tag falling off.

DH says that we should put the gifts under the tree without wrapping them. Yeah, right. He says that only because HE doesn't gift wrap. Online buying is ingenious! I've bought my dad a gift and sent it to my mom, she's got to wrap it- but it comes back on you too. In-laws sent me a gift for dh that's too big to travel with, guess who's got to wrap it? Maybe I'll just take that one out of the box, lol.

I'm going to pick up Camille today, post-NYC trip. I hope she'll be excited to tell me all about it. I can't wait to see photos, which I'll share, of course. There are webcams in NYC that allows you to see live feeds, the only problem is that only PCs can use it, I'm on a very cool Mac. So, I didn't get to "see" her in NYC but she was excited on the phone when they called to check in.

We're doing school Tuesday- Friday this week. Our 3R's are Reading, Math and Grammar. We do these everyday without fail. Bible is in that too but if we miss it, I don't worry about it. Oh, that sounded very sinful. I think we'll have a regular week but I'm not going to stress too much. We're having problems with our narrations and I've known this- I thought it would improve with time. I figured she would understand what I'm asking her to do if we just kept moving forward. Guess what? She doesn't get it.

So back to square one with narrations. We're going to do this everyday until she becomes comfortable, using the Aesop Fables. We're making a narration jar so that I don't ask the same questions all the time. I can get quite boring that way. LOL.


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Monica - books are our friends said...

narriation takes some maturity, i think. my daughter is now finally getting the hang of it at 8 1/2.

if it's causing too much frustration and tears, don't attempt it everyday. hth.