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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Coffee Cake and Books

Tomorrow we're doing our lessons, wrapping presents for the grands and I'm going to attempt to make a coffee cake. We cleaned house today, including adding one more 5 shelf bookcase to Camille's bedroom. She now has two. Our parsonage is a good size but the rooms are a little awkward, plus no matter how much I'd love to put certain pieces of furniture into storage and line the walls with bookcases, it's not a good idea.

Actually, I'm just about book-ed out. I'm still mooching books at Book Mooch and I've gotten some really wonderful books for my children and myself. I also participated in the Dollar for Dollar sale at, where no matter what you spend, they give you that amount in free books (of course from their list of books for free). Next month, we're buying our 2nd grade curricula and other than the books from Book Mooch, I'm done buying books. The rest will be housed at the library, lol. My dh says I need to read. I know.

I try to buy books that we would like to read longer than the library would like us to and books that serve multiple purposes or good reference books. That reminds me, I have to go to the library tomorrow and pick up this week's books.

I've got to pick up:
Fire into ice : adventures in glass making by James Houston
The seven voyages of Sinbad the sailor by John Yeoman
Great wonders of the world
by Russell Ash
Teaching children about life and earth sciences : ideas and activities every teacher and parent can use
by Elaine Levenson.

By waiting until tomorrow I'll also get to pick up (hopefully):

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World by Cox, Reg.
The king in the garden by Leon Garfield
My First Book about Georgia by Carole Marsh

I have a love/hate relationship with our interlibrary loan system. I love to get the books I need but hate to get in random order or a week before/after we're studying the topic. I also wish they would include audio/video in the interlibrary loan options. However, I can drive to just about any Georgia library and check out whatever I'd like and have it returned through my library.

I better make the ladies at the library a coffee cake too. That means I'll have to make them tomorrow morning. I also have a writing project that I'm working on when I can collect my thoughts to write it.

We're leaving Sunday to go to the grands, dh's parents first then 3 days later, my parents. Stressful. First you go where you know you're going to be bossed around for three days and then you leave to go to another place where your dh is going to be stressed from being bossed around. I pray this year will go smoothly- the 8 hour car ride home gets to be more relaxing once we're an hour away from the place we left. LOL. It's amazing how our parents want things to be a certain way and only give you a little wiggle room for your own preferences. I love them dearly and can't wait to see them.

Geesh, is my rambling finished yet? Yes. It is.



Holly said...

Thank you for answering my questions. How do you get your year laid out? Do you make your own schedule or do you use a suggested schedule? Also, would you mind to post what exactly you do like, a day in your you homeschool your children. I love the selections of books you have chosen for your children(and for yourslef)...I'm a book addict too! Do you just read selections out of these books or are there certain lessons to go along with them? Sorry if I've asked too many questions. Have a great evening! ~Holly

Kenj said...

Hey Jessica! Fun to see you here :)

Are you planning to freeze your coffee cake? That could solve my whole Sunday morning dilemma this week...

Trivium Academy said...

Hey Kendra!

No, I'm not freezing them, we've already eaten a good portion of ours! LOL. I didn't make it to the library yesterday but it'll be there today.

I'm going to have to add you to my WTM blogs, I didn't realize who you were until the other day!

: )