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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Get United Streaming Free in Georgia

There are times that you just want to JUMP for joy! I just found out that Georgia's PBS has Discovery Channel's United Streaming available for all Georgia's teachers- including homeschoolers. If you don't know what United Streaming is check it out here.

Georgia Public Broadcasting United Streaming
Pass Code Information

Dear Homeschool Friends,
I contacted Discovery and PBS to find out more. They gave me directions on how to receive this information, so I compiled it all for you so you can just sign up for the "free" service with out having to research it. Please keep any awesome homeschool finds and information coming in to share with our homeschooling friends!
Dawn (Commerce Community Homeschool Group)

I have received information that is wonderful for homeschool families. As an educator in Georgia you are able to apply for a free passcode for unitedstreaming. This is paid for by Georgia Public Broadcasting Education for Georgia Teachers.

Thousands (at least 4000) of free educational video downloads from Discovery Education are available to all Georgia homeschoolers courtesy of Georgia Public Broadcasting. You only need internet access and a computer monitor screen suitable for video streaming.

Access to these educational videos normally costs a homeschooling household $199 per school year. But, thanks to a partnership between Georgia Public Broadcasting and Discovery Education, this video streaming service is available to us at no charge! Georgia Public Broadcasting has purchased a subscription for all teachers in Georgia and I've been told by GPB that they definitely plan to continue paying for this service beyond the current school year.

IN Order to receive the pass code for United Streaming you must send
the following information:

1. A statement that you would like a passcode to access the GPB video
streaming content
2. A copy of your declaration of intent to homeschool
3. Your name, address, phone number and email address

Send information to:

Jascenda Pasley
Georgia Public Broadcasting Education
260 14th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

OR Fax infromtation to:
attention Jascenda Pasley 404-685-2556.

If you do not have a fax machine and want to fax it- an option for
you to go to your local Ingles Store and pay them to fax it for you. I
did this today and it cost me $1.00 per page plus tax, so for $2.14 I
sent in my statement with all my information and my declaration of
If you choose to do this, make sure you type on the statement, please
do not reply to this fax, I am sending it via a public fax machine,
please contact me with my contact information listed!

May this bless as many Georgia homeschoolers as possible! We're talking access anytime you wish to almost all the broadcasted programs on Discovery Channel, PBS, TLC and Animal Planet. I think The History Channel is included in this as well but I'm not 100% sure.


1 comment:

Fawn said...

WOW! I like the though of the videos.
I'll have to keep it in mind if I ever have the money.

I hope Florida gets the hint to also provide this to home schoolers.
I'm so close to Georgia (jax,fl) and yet too far.

But, Really I like the site and was glad to see the possibility.
My kids would love it.