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Monday, August 11, 2008

Reasons to Homeschool

This was asked recently on a forum I participate on, here's my answer:

1. Being able to be a Mom, in the whole sense of the word instead of being the Mom that wears so many hats she forgets which one she's wearing. I get to spend real time with my children, creating memories, being there for them- that is priceless in my eyes. I get to KNOW my kids, not just their favorite color, but truly get to know them and the people they are becoming as it happens.

2. Full control of academic pursuits- I don't have to worry about what they ARE being taught against our wishes, or what the other kids are teaching them. I can direct their activities to strengthen their weaknesses and help them excel in their strengths. No one will invest more than I will in my children.

3. Opportunities for more opportunities! We are not restricted other than by money to do whatever we want, if we really want to do something we will figure out how to do it. I am much more aware of my surroundings and we take full advantage of any and all museums, state parks, community activities and the like. My kids have gone on more field trips in 1-2 years than they would have in public school from K-8. And we're not even close to getting started!

4. I fully believe I was called to do this, for this season, God has called me to be at home and teach my children. There are times I feel so downtrodden and alone and when I come out of it, I see where it was actually a strengthening experience. I am a different person than I was when I first stared considering homeschool, much different and more blessed.



Amy B said...

This is so very true, Jessica! I loved your list!

Sheryl said...

somedays the "alone" part feels so heavy. Today was a day like that. I was tired and feeling alone. I spoke with my sister in Charleston who is thinking of homeschooling which is a complete 180 for her. We talked about the isolation at times of homeschooling. But then there are those days like you spoke of when I realize God has blessed me in allowing me to see my kids..all inside of them. To see their joy, their laughter, their pain, their sorrow, their struggle with daily sin, all of it and to be there with them and be able to walk with them through all of those emotions. It truly is a blessing. Thanks for the reminder.

Lindsey said...

You worded this perfectly and your reasons are wonderful. I enjoyed reading them!

DMJC said...

I can honestly say that you have truly said it all.

Thanks for all that you're doing and sharing about.

It makes the world a better place for kids and the parents who are loving, caring, and educating them.