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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's wild!

I was glad to find this Rain Forest mural bulletin board set, the kids love it in their animal bedroom! Danny is seeing it for the first time. Camille helped me put it up so she learned all about the different layers of a rain forest informally. Now they can stare at it and memorize it. :) I need other biomes...
Here's the Rainforest set for $5.99 -,10978.html
There are other biome bulletin sets at that website!



Rhonda said...

I love stuff like that. We're a visual family too and items like that make learning so much fun and so easy.
~Have a blessed day.

Caffeinated Cowgirl said...

WOW!! Where did you get that? We are starting our animal habitat study in Sept. Ijust finished ordering our library books when I read your post!! That would be PERFECT for our wall!!

mom24 said...

Ooooooo! These look FUN! They love putting stuff on their walls - and now they can learn something from that stuff!

Anonymous said...

This looks wonderful, but shipping was outrageous....about 8$. Is that where you ordered it Jessica?

I love it!!

School for Us said...

What a great way to reinforce what you're learning every day!

Teaching Diligently said...

I love your blog & visit often, but have never commented . . . I have to tonight though -- I LOVE the fact that I am not the only mom that has naked little boys in her pictures. One of my friends (a private school teacher)commented on my little boys "going to school" in their undies! lol Cute!