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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Encouraging Progress!!

Woo-Hoo!!! I've somehow finally reached a peak! Good things happen to those who wait...

1. Camille has a piano lesson Monday with a degreed piano/voice teacher that I suspect will be a long-term situation right in the same town we live in.

2. I've finally established contact with a few homeschooling groups in my area and I'll be attending a meeting today, completely armed with my Mom cards. Lol. Yup. business cards with my name, the kids' names & ages and our contact information. I'm a nerd. Though contacting the groups, I have a few phone calls to return from those who live close to me. This is so exciting!!!

3. I've finally figured out a SIMPLE, easy to maintain way to approach the kids' daily chores. Pictures to come. It's very simple, the hardest part was deciding WHAT the kids should be doing daily.

4. There will be pictures of our learning room in the next 24 hours. Thanks Chris, I needed the reminder to get this done!

5. Our menu changes are working out nicely, Italian food is being enjoyed by all of us and I'm learning a lot about cooking in the process.

6. Jack has an appointment at a local veterinarian this week.

It's all coming together, I'm feeling very positive!



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I hope you don't mind my impatience at seeing your learning room. I have to homeschool a little vicariously this year! Tee Hee!

Really, I'm so happy you are feeling so positive. Hope things continue in that vein for a while at least!

Chris in VA

Tracy said...

I have been thinking of the Mom cards myself... Moms are always looking for little pieces of paper to write our info on.

A similar idea I saw was little address and e-mail labels for the homeschool convention. I did that and it worked really well.

You aren't the only nerd ;)