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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Backyard Nature Study

The toad will be released later today and the other two pictures are of what we think is a black slug. Black slugs eat dog feces. We watched the slug for about 30 minutes this morning.



barrellfullofmonkeys said...

"Black slugs eat dog feces" That cracked me up! Did you ever think you'd be picking a slug off of dog doo so you could study the slug? I always say it's a mark of a house filled with boys when I go thru our pets list: one puppy, two fish, four frogs, and three crayfish. I guess I have to change that, it's a mark of a homeschool house!

Glad to see how much better you're doing after the big move. Consistency to our days is what my family always craves, when something odd is thrown in we're all out of sorts!

Enjoy the animal collecting!

Kathy D.

Becky @ Our Green Hours said...

That looks like the same slugs we have around our house. Check out the link to my nature blog and see if it's the same. I have it identified.

Becky @ Our Green Hours said...

I couldn't find it in my field guides either. I actually looked it up on the internet using "black slug Florida" and found it. They were very cool looking. My daughters picked it up with a stick and put it in the wet grass because they were worried it would dry out. That's how we saw him upside down.
I just love nature study.