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Monday, August 25, 2008

Approaching Start Date

It's time to put up or shut up. Really. We have t-minus 3 weeks before the planned start of 3rd grade and preschool and I still have a lot of planning to do. Well, maybe not a lot by others standards but it FEELS like a LOT.

I also know that *I've* created this monster that needs to be fed, lol. What could I possibly still have left to do?

1. Plan out Tapestry of Grace, Year 3, Unit 1. I need to get acquainted with working with the weekly plan again, get my ducks in a row and see what activities we'll be doing for the first quarter. I also need to see about field trips in our area to tie into what we're learning about. Done!

2. Horizons Preschool. I have 3 weeks done in spreadsheet form but I need to finish the other 6 weeks of our first quarter. Silly me also wants to create a list of books that I want to read this year (to Danny) so that I don't forget any.

3. The monster also wants to gather the materials needed for Horizons Preschool AND Head to Toe Science for the first quarter and put them in ziploc bags for easy access/organization.

4. Furthermore, I have volunteered to teach our church's Fall Quarter Sunday School class of 4th and 5th graders using Rock Solid curriculum, which I need to get familiar with.

I have my Declaration of Intent and our attendance for August all ready to be turned into our local board of education office. I also need to send a copy of our new Declaration of Intent to Discovery Education to reapply for the free subscription that Georgia homeschoolers receive.

Really, I've never been so ready to start a new year. My only saving grace is that we have studies that we are currently doing. I've just received our books for Unit 2 of Tapestry's Year 3 and I'm excited! I've also decided to purge our books again, I'm holding on to a lot of history books that we may not read. I'll have to decide how I'll handle the purge, I think I might sell them at the Well-Trained Mind Sale/Swap board.

I'm ready just to simplify and completely trust Tapestry for our history readings. We'll have been using Tapestry for a year in January and I'm so grateful to have given it a chance.

Sidenote: Danny has his FIRST soccer practice tomorrow depending on the weather. We're all excited for him! Camille will start her piano lessons back up Sept. 4th.



mom24 said...

Sounds like you're making good progress! I know what you mean about having a lot to do. But it really is soooo worth it to have those things all researched, planned, copied, put into bags, etc! I didn't do that kind of planning for last year and I DID for this year - what a difference in my level of stress!
Keep up the good work, Ms. Organizer!

Anonymous said...

Not to add to your list, but if you ever have a extra moment, could you post a little review about Rock Solid Sunday School?

Chris in VA

Tara said...

It's my first time visiting your blog today. You have tons of info here! I'll definitely be back. Thanks,