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Friday, August 22, 2008

August 22nd, Weekly Report

Oh, it's an exciting day here today!

Here at Trivium Academy it has just been discovered that Camille is in her final lap of her 2nd grade studies. The suspense is building as fans gather to see if she will indeed finish 2nd grade in the next 2 weeks.

Let's check the scoreboard:
Explode the Code, Book 6: FINISHED!!!!!
Horizons Math 2: on lesson 150 of 160!

Oh this is going to be a close race folks. Camille has already finished Explode the Code Book 6, will she finish the Horizons work in a timely manner? Inside sources say that her coach and mother is keeping her on track and they are enjoying their informal study time. It is rumored that Camille is also studying invertebrates at this time and reading books from Tapestry of Grace..oh wait, another report says she's currently reading Book 1 of The Spiderwick Chronicles as well.

Will she run out of steam before the finish line? Will her coach be able to keep her on track and focused? Stay tuned to find out.

In other news...

Danny will be starting soccer practice on Tuesday! His mom has just talked to his soccer coach and it has been found out by our sources that he will have soccer practice on Tuesdays and games on Thursdays.

The soccer coach has reportedly assured Danny's mother that the games and practices are only to teach them a little technique and to help develop the kids' focus. Danny's mom is very excited for Danny and hopes he will love doing soccer as much as she suspects he will.

The soccer season runs from September to November so stay tuned for action photos of Danny running his little heart out, TWICE a WEEK. Wooo-Hoooo!!!!

That concludes our report for today. Thank you for tuning in, see you next time.
Same bat time, same bat channel.
(Isn't that what was said at the end of the old Batman cartoons?)



Lindsey said...

Very cute weekly report, I enjoyed it! Good luck on finishing Horizons on time. :o)

Becky said...

Such a fun report! I loved it. I hope Danny loves soccer too and has tons of fun.

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

Go Camille!! Go!!

Kathy D.

School for Us said...

I love your report, too. And, yep, that sounds like the end of batman to me! We LOVED watching that as kids. "Pow! Oomph! Zap!" :-)

ByHISgoodGRACE said...

Well Done! This is a great post, very well written and enjoyable.
You inspire me as a fellow homeschool mom. Thank you.