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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I didn't realize she loved PLL that much!

This morning Camille and I did her Primary Language Lessons work, 2-3 lessons worth because she asked to! It wasn't too long because one was an Observation Lesson (questions about everyday things that she answers verbally in complete sentences), a picture study with questions following (we skipped the story writing portion) and she did a written exercise on commas.

I explained to her that in 3rd grade (starts September 15th) we'd only have PLL two times a week, that it would be alternated with her Explode the Code work, which would also be twice a week. PLL on Monday and Tuesday, ETC on Wednesday and Thursday. She didn't like the sound of that.

"Mom, I love my English lessons, can we do them everyday?"
I told her we'd see how our days go because we'll have a busier day and she might appreciate only having them twice a week instead of everyday.

I didn't realize she loved Primary Language Lessons that much, I'm glad I went ahead and got the next level for 4th-6th, Intermediate Language Lessons.


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Anonymous said...

That says a lot that Camille loves her lessons so much. My girls really enjoyed their language/grammar lessons as well, but with my boys it's like learning another language.


Dee in Sunny FL!