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Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Tutor for Mom

I can't believe it. Let me say it again, I have a former French professor as a tutor. Oh! The best part, is that it is for free! What are the chances that we would have 2 former French teachers in our small country churches? This is why I've been a little confused about languages. There are too many resources available to us right now for studying French that it is inconceivable to ignore to them.

  1. Dd's dad is 1/2 native french and speaks fluently.
  2. There is French software at our library locally.
  3. I have two former French teachers, the one tutoring me is a former professor.
  4. We have videos at our library in French for the children.
  5. I have a homeschooling friend that can help as well and speak with.

Hello! Although I feel crazy for doing it, we're going to go forward with both Latin and French. These two languages are not going to go away for us and the resources available for starting French, including dd's dad wanting to be an active participant (this is the best thing for her!), I have to go with it.

Forgive the shameless brag post, we've had some very hard news about my mil, they are stopping her cancer treatments. Please don't say you're sorry or comment about it, just pray if you do. I'm trying to accentuate the positive in our lives right now.



Sandie said...

I am excited for you! Learning something new can be positive that helps balance some of the rougher spots.

Dawne said...

That is really wonderful, and I can *feel* your excitement! Have fun...

Barbara said...

Bonne chance (good luck) in all these things. You will learn so much with French and Latin; sounds great!