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Thursday, March 22, 2007

5 Blogs That Make Me Think

Sandie has honored me with the Gold Thinking Blogger Award; it's a nice way of recognizing the many great blogs that are out there, and it originated here. Once you've been tagged, it's your turn to select -- in no particular order -- five blogs that have impressed you for one reason or another and tag them with this award. Be sure that when you tag them, you link back to the original source of this award.

Choosing five blogs that have made me think are pretty easy, choosing five blogs that have challenged me to think and encouraged me is another story!

by LindaFay: Whenever I need inspiration, encouragement and just a refreshing perspective LindaFay is there to provide through her experiences of homeschooling that she shares on her blog. Her words of wisdom have helped me strike a balance in our own homeschool and she has helped me shape our own educational philosophy.

Classical Bookworm by Sylvia: Ever since I first came across Classical Bookworm, I've been inspired. Inspired to learn, to read, and to share because of Sylvia's blog. She's an amazing person and she helped me realize that blogging is about sharing experiences, sharing what you learn, sharing what resources you've found. My blog found it's personality because of Sylvia and I can think of no better person to give a Thinking Blog award to.

HarmonyArtMom by Barb: Barb is one of those people that once you meet, you know that you've found someone special. She has enriched my life through her helpful posts, her gracious heart, and her love of art and music. She's a wonderful photographer and now a good friend. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her ideas endless, she truly is a kindred spirit.

Epistemological Relativism by Roodee: This is a man serious about his studies! He makes me think and pull out my dictionary. I am grateful that he decided to share his autodidact journey even though my own journey has taken a different road at this time. You don't have to agree to appreciate the effort he puts forth, in fact discourse is very welcome. Here's to you Roodee!

Journey Back in Time by Kris: She's got a Super Hero costume underneath her regular clothes, I just KNOW it! I've never met anyone like Kris before, she is a professional juggler of tasks and goals and she blogs about it all! Homeschooling, reading, frugal living, cooking, you know name it- she probably has a post about it. Kris is an inspiration and a woman after God's heart. I am very blessed to know her.



Barb said...


Your words mean more than the award. Thank you for the honor.

Harmony Art Mom

Sylvia said...

Wow, thank you so much. And may I say that the inspiration is mutual! :)

Carol G said...

Hi Jessica,

I'm just catching up on you. How are you?