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Friday, March 9, 2007

Life Right Now

Sometimes I don't know what to call a post, I typically call it whatever day of the week and month (Friday in March). We've been a little busy, a little preoccupied. MIL & FIL are coming this weekend, we just had a few church events this week to attend to and I have a retreat coming up.

I was going to list it all but now I can't because if I do, I might overwhelm myself today and not accomplish any of it, which with in-laws coming my house HAS to be PERFECT. At least in my mind it does or I won't be able to relax. I'm working on a few product reviews, a book review that you will on my blog in a day or so, learning French, labelling the house in French...

Which brings me to a question - if you're labelling a house, would you use the feminine or masculine form? Or put both? I labelled with just the word without "le" or "la"/"un" or "une" - sometimes I did put them only because I wasn't sure what to do. I wonder what the in-laws will think of all the post-it notes around the house. LOL, it looks a little littered. I've decided to make my own French posters about colors, numbers, clock times, etc.

The Berlitz French Language Pack is a complete HIT! Included is a parents' guide, "Help Your Child with a Foreign Language" and it's wonderful. The pack has a first words dictionary, a french/english book with cd, the parents' guide and a certificate of completion. The parents' guide is worth the price of the whole kit, other items are just gravy. Lol.

Okay, I'm off the teach and clean....all day.



Jules said...

I am confused by your labeling question. Nouns in French are either masculine or feminine. It isn't something you choose; they just are. For example, window is always la fentetre. (With a hat over the middle e.) It is never masculine. And I think it is easier just to learn this straight off. Adjectives have their "gender" determined by what they are describing. So I would put the articles on the labels. Sorry if this is not your question.

TheTutor said...

Hee hee! Jessica, you need to read the essays in David Sedaris' book Me Talk Pretty One Day. Most of them are about him moving to France and having to learn how to speak French. They are hysterical! In one of them, he explains how he started buying things in multiples because he couldn't remember which things were feminine and which were masculine. When they are plural, they are neutral. Thus, be bought two CD players, two VCRs, two refrigerators. Very funny. There is also a great essay on a class on French language and culture he took with other aliens where they try to explain what Easter is and to understand various countries' Easter traditions. You may really enjoy the essays given your empathy factor!


Krissi said...

I suppose you know this by now, but you must use either the masculine or feminine, depending on the word. It must always be used with the word (or item you are labeling). It is part of the word.