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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Butterflies at Callaway Gardens

Inside Callaway Garden's Butterfly Pavilion, the little waterfall there is where Danny jumped in up to his waist.

So cute, but look at that face! Camille dressed for the butterflies.

The parrot that almost bit Danny's finger as he pointed to it excitedly. We have it on video, and of course it was while Danny was soaked from the waist down. (lol)



Maureen said...

Awesome photos, Jessica! Are you the family photographer?

eclecticeducation said...

What beautiful pictures!!! I have a very vague memory of being there as a very little girl. Thanks for sharing!

Nan said...

Hi Jessica,
I don't know if you've been on the boards for a while but I wanted to invite you to be a contributor on a new multi-contributor blog that I've started.
Here is a link to the first post to get you up to speed. E-mail me at nancypantslady at gmail dot com and let me know if you are interested in contributing and I will add you to the list!

I'd love it if you could link to it in your side bar. I am also working on getting permission to make a button with the coffee image that I have on the blog. If I do get permission is this something you would be able to throw together for me? I don't have the necessary programs to do it myself or I would!


Becky LaMere said...

You took some beautiful pictures of the butterflies!