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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Flustered and trying to maintain

Camille is still working on the ten books from the library from last week because our travelling interruption. It seems we're going to experience a lot of travelling interruptions in the next month. This Friday she goes to her Dad's, then Monday we'll be at dh's family's house, after that the kids and I are going to my parent's house. We'll have a week or so at home, then we'll be going to mil's birthday party (6 hours away) that will be a gathering of *everyone* for her.

It's just so sad. Everything we do from this point on is a way of saying goodbye and it kicks me in the stomach. I don't want to say goodbye! Who's going to get my rankles up and keep me on my toes? How is dh's dad going to handle her being gone? This overwhelming sadness lingers throughout the day whenever I allow myself to think of it.

Our lessons are still happening, I'll have to take them with us when we're visiting. Planning for second grade has come to a halt, I can't focus on that right now. I have product reviews to do and I've got to accomplish at least two before we leave Monday for the inlaws. I've got enough to keep me busy and keep me from dwelling on the situation. Let's see...ds2 (about to be 3), dd6's lessons, learning French, puppy, vet appointments, dh's trying to catch up with his school assignments that he missed last week plus this week's, arranging travel, etc, etc.



Brenda Marie Hoffman said...

Take a deep breath, say a small prayer and trust that you'll be fine.

Brenda Marie

Anonymous said...

Repeat after me Jessica: "School can wait". Those three little words are very hard for new homeschoolers but when you are dealing with real life like the death of a G-Parent school can and should wait when you are visiting them.

weinstock4jc said...

I went through this one year ago with my father-n-law and it was no fun. I'd only been homeschooling about 1 1/2 and I tried to keep homeschooling as well. After a stressful 7 or 8 days, I gave up! It was too much.

I remember my ds 6 y/o at the time pretending not to know what number comes after 1,2,3. It's funny now but I was livid.

I remember wanting to keep doing our daily routine but it wasn't possible.

God is near to you and watching over every detail. He'll comfort you.

In Christ,

Sprittibee said...

May God bless you and be with your husband's father. I pray that you will all find a silver lining and be comforted.

In Him,